Photo Sensor

Photo Sensor

Photo sensor- to discover objects

A photo sensor detects the presence, absence and exact position of objects based on the reflection or interruption of the emitted direct light beams.

The photo sensor generally consists of an emitter for emitting light and a receiver for receiving light. Direct light beams are emitted toward a distant target, and are received either in a single housing (Diffuse, Background suppression and Retro-reflective sensors) or a separate housing (Through-beam sensor). When emitted light is interrupted or contemplated through the sensing item, it adjusts the quantity of light that arrives at the receiver. The receiver detects this variation and either provides a switching signal or a distance value. The mild supply for most photo sensors is infrared or soft (usually red or green/blue for figuring out colorations).

Photo sensors are classified as:

  • Diffuse reflection sensor
  • Retro-reflective sensor
  • Through-beam sensor

The photo sensor features are long sensing distance, virtually no sensing object restrictions, fast response time, high resolution, non-contact sensing, and easy adjustment.

Photo sensors are used in diverse applications of industrial manufacturing such as material handling, packaging and paper, food and beverage, life sciences and medical, robotics and so on.

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