Door Sensor

Door Sensor

Door Sensor - Simply Give It a Move to Detect You

There are various automatic door sensor types, and each type works differently. For instance, some sensors function by sensing the motion of a person approaching the door. Other sensors recognize the weight or pressure of a person or an object. Some other sensors employ infrared technology to detect whether the typical surroundings have changed.

A door sensor that utilizes motion to open the automated doors mounts on the top and sides of the door frame. On the other hand, a door sensor that uses pressure is typically positioned on the floor and hidden with carpeting or a mat.

Sliding automatic doors are usually utilized in larger stores and are excellent for security, as they automatically open once someone enters the facility.

There are various door sensor types used in automatic doors, each suited to a particular function:

  • Radar movement sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Optical sensor or motion detector
  • Passive infrared movement sensor 
  • Active infrared sensor

The optical door sensor is the most modern, regular, and widely used. These door sensors are often mounted on the tops or sides of automatic doors and can detect motion. The doors will open when triggered by the movement of a person or object.

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    Door Sensor 0 to 10 m Sensing Distance, Relay Output - ADS-SE1


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