Multimeter - a solution to measure electrical values

A multimeter is a handheld electronic tool used to measure two or more electrical values. It usually measures voltage (volt), resistance (ohm), and current (amps). Some of them also can measure capacity (farads), conductance (siemens), frequency (Hz), etc. A simple knob on the multimeter body switches its mode from voltage measurement to current measurement, and so on. There are two types of multimeters based on their output display:

  • Analog multimeter: It is old-fashioned and shows the result with a needle on its analog scale
  • Digital multimeter: It converts the analog input to a digital output and indicates it on a digital display

A special type of multimeter is a clamp meter. It would be used when the current you need to measure is too high to measure with a regular multimeter. In such a situation, a clamp multimeter does the correct measurement by detecting the magnetic field around the high current wire.

On this page, you would find a huge selection of analog and digital multimeters. In case you’d like to know a multimeter price or you have technical issues, you’re welcome to contact us: +9714337738

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Multimeter (Types, Applications, How to Choose)

  • Digital Multimeter DMM-8062

    Digital Multimeter DMM-8062


    Tecpel Digital Multimeter - DMM-8062 Switchable resolution, lightweight design, Easy Use, CE Mark - Accurate and Reliable The Tecpel® 6000 count digital multimeter DMM-8062 is a rugged, best quality, high reliability, and small moderate tool at...
  • Digital Multimeter DMM-113B Digital Multimeter DMM-113B

    Digital Multimeter DMM-113B


    TECPEL Pocket Multimeter - DMM-113B 3 1/2 Digit LCD, Non-Contact Voltage indicator, Analog bar-graph   The Tecpel DMM-113B multimeter, sometimes referred to as a multi-tester or VOM (volt, ohm, milli-ammeter), is an...
  • Analog Multimeter AMM-110

    Analog Multimeter AMM-110


    Tecpel Analog Multimeter volt, ohm, milli-ammeter - AMM-110 Portable and Simple, Resistance up to 20MΩ, Transistor check – Accurate and Reliable A multimeter or a multi-tester, also known as a VOM (volt, ohm, milli-ammeter), is an electronic...
  • Digital Multimeter DMM-129A Digital Multimeter DMM-129A

    Digital Multimeter DMM-129A


    TECPEL Digital Handheld Multimeter - DMM-129A Analog bar-graph, 3 3/4 digits, Diode test   The Tecpel DMM-129A is a flexible multimeter that enables a wide range of measurements. It has an accuracy of 0.1% when measuring DC voltage ranges...
  • Digital Multimeter DMM-124

    Digital Multimeter DMM-124


    TECPEL Low Cost Multimeter - DMM-124 DMM + Type K Temperature, 3-1/2 Digit, Diode/Continuity test   The DMM-124 from Tecpel is a low cost multimeter with a Type K temperature measurement feature. It features a 3-1/2 digit display with a...
  • Digital Multimeter DMM-123

    Digital Multimeter DMM-123


    TECPEL Low Cost Multimeter - DMM-123 3-1/2 Digit, 9 Functions, 36 Ranges, 9V battery   A low cost multimeter from the Tecpel line is the DMM-123. It can measure DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, resistance, and capacitance in a variety of...
  • Digital Multimeter DMM-135

    Digital Multimeter DMM-135


    TECPEL Digital Multi-function Meter - DMM-135 Continuity beeper, Diode test, Auto ranging, 3 1/2 Digit   The DMM-135 has an automatic range measurement function. The metre will automatically judge the range of input power and...
  • Digital Multimeter DMM-168

    Digital Multimeter DMM-168


    TECPEL Digital Automobile Multimeter - DMM-168 3 3/4 digit, Automobile, 165 × 78 × 42.5 mm   The DMM-168 from Tecpel is a handheld 3 3/4 digit (3,999) Digital Automobile Multimeter. It is the perfect instrument for...
  • Digital Multimeter DMM-120

    Digital Multimeter DMM-120


    TECPEL Low Cost Multimeter - DMM-120 3-1/2 Digit, 7 Functions, 17 Ranges, Compact   A low cost multimeter from Tecpel, the DMM-120 has a 3-1/2 digit, 1.2% basic accuracy. There are 17 ranges and 7 functions, including DCV, ACV, DCA, and OHMS...
  • Digital Multimeter DMM-8060

    Digital Multimeter DMM-8060


    TECPEL Modern Digital Multimeter - DMM-8060 3 3/4 digits, 3,999 counts, Diode Test, Sleep Mode   A modern digital multimeter made by the company Tecpel is the DMM-8060. It has 3 3/4 digits, 3,999 counts, automatic and manual ranging, data hold...