Digital Multimeter DMM-8060

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TECPEL Modern Digital Multimeter - DMM-8060

3 3/4 digits, 3,999 counts, Diode Test, Sleep Mode


A modern digital multimeter made by the company Tecpel is the DMM-8060. It has 3 3/4 digits, 3,999 counts, automatic and manual ranging, data hold function, relative mode, capacitance measurement, temperature measurement (-40 to 1,000 degrees Celsius), frequency measurement (10Hz to 10 MHz), audible continuity check, diode test, overload protection, sleep mode to save battery, fused 10A protection, and over molding rubber overlapping ABS plastic to replace holster. There are also UL CE approval marks on it. A variety of fundamental functions are available on the DMM-8060, including DC voltage (400mV/4V/40V/400V/1000V), AC voltage (4V/40V/400V/750V), DC current (400mA/4000mA/40mA/400mA/4A/10A), AC current (400mA/4000mA/40mA/400mA/4A/10A), and resistance (400W/4kW/40kW/400kW/4MW/40MW).

This digital multimeter provides:

  • 3 3/4 digits, 3,999 counts
  • Auto and Manual ranging
  • Data Hold Function
  • Relative Mold
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Temperature measurement ( -40 ~ 1,000 deg C)
  • Frequency Measurement (10Hz ~ 10 MHz)
  • Audible Continuity Check
  • Diode Test
  • Overload protection
  • Sleep Mode to save battery
  • Fused 10A protection

Series Information

Tecpel Co. Ltd. has over 20 years of experience in the Test and Measurement market. They have set up over 50 country distributors worldwide. Their products are exported to Europe mainly. The confidence they have in their products is reflected in their one-year warranty.

Their product lines include power supplies, oscilloscopes, electronics & electrical meters and testers, Thermometer, sound level meters, etc.

About Tecpel Multimeter:

A multimeter or a multi-tester, also known as a VOM (volt, ohm, milli-ammeter), is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. A typical multimeter can measure voltage, current, and resistance. Analog multimeters use a micro-ammeter with a moving pointer to display readings.

Tecpel is regarded as one of the leading Taiwanese manufactures of high quality test and measurements, which provide different types of multimeter:

  • UT Series: Digital Multimeter
  • GOM Series: Micro-Ohm Tester
  • DMM Series: Digital Multimeter / True RMS Digital Multimeter / Pocket-size Digital Multimeter / Digital Multi-function Meter
  • TR-55i Series: Current signal recorder / voltage signal recorder
  • MCR Series: Signal recorder
  • UT Series: Digital Multimeter / Digital Distance meter
  • VD Series: Non Contact Voltage detector
  • AMM Series: Analog Multimeter / 
  • TA Series: Thermocouple Adaptor


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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

DC Voltage Ranges:
400mV/4V/40V/400V/500V (0.8%+1).
AC Voltage Ranges:
4V/40V/400V/750V (1%+5).
DC current ranges:
400mA/4000mA/40mA/400mA/4A/10A (1%+2).
AC current ranges:
400mA/4000mA/40mA/400mA/4A/10A (1.5%+5).
Resistance Ranges:
400Ω/4k Ω /40k Ω /400k Ω /4M Ω /40M Ω (1%+2)
Special functions Auto Ranging. Diode. Continuity Buzzer. Transistor. Low Battery Display. Input Impedance for DC. Voltage Measurement around 10MW. Max. Display 3999. Data Hold. Auto/Manual Range Selectable. Display Backlight. Relative mode. Power:
9V Battery (6F22).
LCD Size:
63 x 31mm.
Max. Display:
10A Range
40nF/400nF/4mF/40mF/100mF (3%+5).
10Hz-10MHz (0.1%+3).
Temperature (◦C):
-40◦C ~ 1000◦C (1%+3).
Duty Cycle:
0.1% ~ 99.9%.
Product Color:
Yellow and Grey
Product Net Weight:
Product Size:
177 x 85 x 40mm.
Standard Accessories:
The test lead, Battery, English Manual, Point Contact Temperature Probe, T-Test Clip.
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