Potentiometer Transmitter

Potentiometer Transmitter

Potentiometer Transmitter- To convert the value read from the potentiometer to dc current

In the field of precision instruments, a transmitter refers to a device that converts one of the physical parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow or fluid flow, humidity, speed, level or height of materials inside the tank, weight, etc. into a standard signal such as 4 to 20 milliamps or Converts zero to 10 volts and has the ability to send signals in the form of two wires or a power loop.

The potentiometer transmitter is an in-head transmitter that accepts potentiometer sensors and converts the sensor output over a configured range to a standard industrial (4 to 20) mA transmission signal. A simple push-button operation allows the user to select the desired transmitter range manually, by setting the slide wire position and pressing a button to store at both the (4 and 20) mA points.

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  • Potentiometer Converter Analog Output - DAT205 3W

    Potentiometer Converter Analog Output - DAT205 3W


    Datexel Potentiometer Converter Analog Output - DAT205 3W High Accuracy, Linearized Output, Italian Made The converter DAT 205 3W is designed to provide on output a linearized voltage or current signal proportional with the variation of resistance...