Data Logger

Data Logger

A data logger is an electronic device that stores data defined by the user in its processor with the help of various sensors. Dataloggers can automatically receive and store real-time data from sensors. The recorders display the collected data through their screen or computer when needed. Data loggers are the most efficient data recorder tools. These devices can record data for days, months, and even years that The user defines. Usually, this work is called the data logging process.

The main types of data loggers based on the type of signal they record include temperature, voltage, current, electricity, vibration meter, shock, strain, and geographic position data logger (GPS). Data logger applications are not limited to monitoring oil and gas pipelines and recording voltage and current. Also, the voltage and current data logger has been widely used in electronic boards and the automation industry.

Sensor inputs built into dataloggers are limited to voltage, 4-20mA current, temperature, humidity, and pulse signal. 4-20mA current loop outputs are typical among a wide variety of industrial sensors.

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