Material and liquid testing- to gain bodily and mechanical residence of substances.

Material and liquid testing is a famous and widely known subject of measurement to gain bodily and mechanical residences of substances from powders or uncooked materials, additives, and composite completed products. It is for an extensive-ranging area presenting pressure and distance size answers from the anxiety of a shoelace to the crush resistance of cardboard packaging, the actuation force of switches to the measurement of friction among materials. 

Materials testing instruments such as the Coating Thickness, Conductivity meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, pH meter, TDS Meter, Wood Moisture Meter, and Stroboscope are found imperative in quality control and production environments to maintain product quality and performance specifications. They also are important in the laboratory or R&D locations where it is essential to assess the effects on materials due to, for example, a change of supplier, process, or temperature.

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  • ST302 Handheld Carbon Dioxide (ST302), concentration detector tester ST302 Handheld Carbon Dioxide (ST302), concentration detector tester
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    SENTRY Thermometers Infrared Thermometer ST302


          ST302 from Sentry is handheld CO2 tester, will quick warm-up time and sound warning. ST302 from Sentry comes with the following properties: Fast warm-up time.  Sound warning.  USB power supply.  Backlight display...
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