Conductivity meter

Conductivity meter

Conductivity meter - a hand held solution to measure water conductivity

Electrical conductivity is the ability of a substance to conduct electricity. When a substance is electrically conductive, it simply enables electricity to flow through it. Several factors, including temperature, kind of material, and ion concentration, influence the conductivity value.

A conductivity meter, also called an ec meter, is used to measure a substance's conductivity. The probe of a conductivity meter utilizes two or four electrodes to measure the electrical currents within a medium. When the measuring device is activated, it delivers a voltage to the electrodes. This way conductivity meter generates a current in the substance. The device calculates the conductance of the measuring substance by applying Ohm's law.

Although water is a conductor in general, not all fluids are similarly conductive. For example, salty sea water has a significantly higher conductivity than pure water. More chemicals and minerals in water increase its conductivity. That's the reason why water conductivity meter plays an important role in water treatment.

Some popular conductivity meter applications are:

  • any water treatment or monitoring scenario
  • environmental laboratories

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