Counter & Timer

Counter & Timer

Counter & Timer- Do you need a counter or a timer?

A timer is a function block that can count up or down until a predetermined value is reached.

Counter activity is based on logic. The counter is a sequential digital circuit that includes components such as an input line known as a clock and several output lines.

The purpose of the timer is to control the time and timing of connecting and disconnecting different equipment or monitoring the working time of different elements. People may use counters to perform one or more activities. When we intend to determine the time or speed, we can use the counter.

In the difference between a timer and a counter, it should be said that a counter is a device that will store the number of times a certain event or process has occurred, according to the clock signal. It is used to count the events that happen outside the microcontroller. In electronics, counters are easily implemented using register-type circuits such as flip-flops. And timer will start counting time after the power is connected, and after the set time has passed, its relay or relays will be activated and lead to disconnection or connection of the circuit.

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