Electrical Measurement

Electrical Measurement

Electrical measurement- to measure the desired value

An electrical Measurement Instrument is a piece by which the range or value of the desired quantity is measured. The measured amount can be voltage, current, power, etc. All of them can be generally divided into two categories, analog and digital. The difference between the above two measuring devices is in their characteristics.

  •  In analog measuring devices, changes are shown continuously and consecutively.

  •  In digital measuring devices, the indicating changes, which are digital in most cases, are discontinuous and stepwise.

The Electrical measurement category includes many different products which can be used in every project. Calibrator, electrical safety tester, ohmmeter, voltmeter, multimeter, clamp meter, cable tracer, and RLC meter are some types of electrical measurement instruments.

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  • Digital Clamp Meter, 57mm jaw opening capability - DCM-2608

    Digital Clamp Meter, 57mm jaw opening capability - DCM-2608


    Tecpel Digital Clamp meters 1000A AC/DC Amp +Frequency - DCM-2608 Capacitance measurement, Over range indication, Graphic Display – Accurate and Reliable In electrical and electronic engineering, a current clamp or current probe is an...
  • Megohm / Insulation Tester - DIM-570

    Megohm / Insulation Tester - DIM-570


    Tecpel Megohm / Insulation Tester - DIM-570 3 1/2 Digit LCD, lightweight design, Auto power off function, CE Mark - Accurate and Reliable A Megaohm meter is a special type of ohmmeter used to measure the electrical resistance of insulators. Insulating...