About Us

Hello! We’re DUBAI SENSOR.

We are happy to help our customers find the right thing. We promise, you feel at ease and cared for with our service when you call or even better buy online. 

Our Story

"Our mission is to connect the world's top suppliers with the UAE companies providing mutual benefits and growth."

- Amir Hossein Souri, CEO

We are industrial automation specialists. We have technical experts in the field of pressure sensors and pressure transmitters, inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors, vision sensors, temperature transmitters, temperature controllers and ....

 We are here to help.

From our founder Mr. Hossein Souri to all the staff in the warehouse we all have this idea in our minds: how can I make things easier for the customer? We want to make the supplying of industrial products efficient and reliable.

We are based in Dubai; the city is built smart, like a place from a futuristic science fiction movie. This feature makes it a perfect spot for Industrial Automation Companies.

We know, it is confusing sometimes to find the right product, and you might encounter such questions.

Can this sensor withstand such high heat? or even this much pressure?

Or even we can give you a more efficient offer.

That’s when our consulting team comes in. they experience new challenges every day in this field and are happy to hear yours.

Your Benefits

Vast range of brands and products makes anything possible.
Free delivery all around UAE and USA
Not sure what is best? we will consult you.
Easy return of products

I’m a yearlong customer and Jimmy
was my go to guy, since I started to
order online, I still feel the same
assurance when finalizing my

Saeed A

What Do We Believe in?

We believe in honesty. We believe that if we provide the easiest delivery and best technical information for our customers to make the right choice, they will keep their business with us and this way our family will grow. We believe if we provide the best service as an online shop for industrial equipment, our customers will save time and have more time creating, innovating and moving forward.

What Are We Committed to? 

We are committed to be the most reliable and fastest place for providing industrial automation products. We are committed to make you feel sure and at ease when you start to look for your desired sensor or controller. You should feel the process of picking up and packaging when you hit the purchase button.

Where Are We Headed?

We are worldwide and we want to be the familiar name for everyone who works in the field of sensors, controllers and industrial communication. We want to deliver products in four corners of the world as efficiently as we do right now in our current locations.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We have been around for so long (started in 1999). In business that says a lot about a company. Our customer base is vast and has reached all across the globe (product delivery in 72 countries). We work with famous brands directly and for long period of time (check out special agent letters).

Need more reasons? Call us and you will find out in the process.

Join Us

We are looking for new friends to help us grow every day. If you wake up with an idea every morning and start your day motivated, hit us up today.

See You on The Other Side!

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