Calibrator - to ensure the measured values

 Accuracy changes due to the evolution of the capacity and efficiency of the parts used in the long run. The calibrator is used as a reference device to reset the measuring instruments.

The calibrator is a reference to control and ensure the measured values. The calibrator measures various parameters, including accuracy, repeatability, and other factors. At higher levels, it is used as one of the desired equipment in this field, a reference for calibration.

Different calibrators made in various fields and by other companies will help you use them to calibrate a reference device. Calibrators can be divided into temperature, pressure, and general electrical calibrators.

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  • Multifunction Calibrator - CL-325

    Multifunction Calibrator - CL-325


    Tecpel Multifunction Calibrator - CL-325 High Accuracy, lightweight design, Easy Use, CE Mark - Accurate and Reliable The calibrator or process calibrator is used for basic measuring, testing and regulation techniques for setting and verifying test...