Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic sensors- to measure the distance between objects

An Ultrasonic sensor is a non-contact sensor that uses ultrasonic waves to measure the distance between objects. These sensors work with frequencies between 20 kilohertz and several gigahertz, which are not within the range of human hearing. An Ultrasonic sensor can be used in different situations.

These sensors have a large part of the measurement market due to their high capabilities, flexibility, and low cost. Over time, these sensors have been used in various devices, primarily in robots, cars, and drones.

By using this sound, an ultrasonic sensor measures the time it takes for the sound to leave an object. These sensors work based on the basic principles of sound echoing.

The most common application of ultrasonic sensors is distance measurement in small and public projects. Another great application of ultrasonic sensors is liquid-level measurement. Because it doesn't matter what color the liquid is, they recognize it anyway. 

Ultrasonic sensors with the analog output stage, ultrasonic retro-reflector sensors and ultrasonic through-beam sensors are three types of ultrasonic sensors.

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