Distance Meter

Distance Meter

 Distance sensor- to determine the distance of two objects from each other

The distance sensor is one of the most attractive sensors used in industrial automation. These sensors are sometimes known as smart sensors due to their exceptional efficiency. Distance sensor, as their name suggests, is a tools for determining the distance of two objects from each other, which is not physical.

The distance measurement method sends and receives a type of signal so that a signal with specific characteristics is shipped. Then the factors of the return signal, such as the return time, change in the signal's shape, etc., are checked.

In terms of Sensing literature and knowledge, scientists distinguish between measurement and displacement sensors. The distance meter can measure a distance or an absolute (specified) value. But the measuring sensor can measure a relative bargain. For example, it determines the dimensions of a box or a specific object.

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  • SENTRY Environmental Testing Distance Meter ST820

    SENTRY Environmental Testing Distance Meter ST820


        The laser aiming rangefinder ST820 series from Sentry measures distances up to 50 ft (15 m) and is fully functional to help users easily perform distance measurement. Thanks to the supersonic technology, all you...