Coating Thickness

Coating Thickness


Coating thickness gauge - the solution If you need to measure a dry film thickness

A coating thickness gauge, paint thickness, or dry film thickness (DFT) (additionally referred to as a paint meter) is a specific engineering device for non-destructive thickness dimension exams in conditions in which we've got admission to the surface of the item. A thickness gauge is one of the essential gadgets in diverse industries. This tool is usually used in the car industry to measure the thickness of the paint and to come across the auto's shade. The thickness gauge is appropriate for measuring the thickness of all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces along with plastic and steel.

commonly, every thickness gauge device consists of an eddy cutting-edge transmitter and receiver sensor, keyboard, show screen, and relevant board.

we can mention that the medical, automobile industry, Jewelry, Cement and pipe making, Nuclear technology, petrochemical, Home Appliances, and construction are some important applications of this gadget. Types of thickness gauges are Laser thickness gauge, Beam thickness gauge, Magnetic coating thickness gauge, Eddy's present-day thickness gauge, and Ultrasonic thickness gauge

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