HMI- to monitor and observe the parameters

HMI stands for Human Machine Interface and means communication between man and machine. It is used to monitor, observe and adjust industrial devices' parameters such as PLC, inverters, etc. HMI is an LCD monitor that can be programmed, and with its help, you can change various parameters and control the system.

HMIs can be divided into several types, one of them being the working with it, which can be set in 2 touch modes (Touch panel) and Text Panel (Text Panel). A touch panel is more professional and expensive and is used in more uncomplicated cases in the TEXT PANEL type.

HMIs are available in different sizes. HMIs are connected to PLC, PC, or any other controller with varying communication protocols.HMIs are industrial monitors communicating with other control equipment and exchanging information. You can access your control system information anywhere in the world through HMI. Because HMI is an industrial device, there are fewer problems with noise, hanging, and resetting.

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