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Encoders Temperature Probes Proximity Sensors
Absolute Rotary Encoder PTC/NTC Probes High Pressure Proximity Sensor
Incremental Rotary Encoder RTD Pt100 Sensors Capacitive Sensor
Wheel Measuring Encoder Thermocouple High and Extera Temperature Proxy sensor
    Inductive proximity sensor
Photo Electric Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors
Area Sensors Micro Sensors Contrinex Ultrasonic Sensor
Fiber Sensor Mark Contrast Sensors Sensopart Ultrasonic Sensors
Color Sensor Door Sensor  
General Photo Sensor Laser Sensor  
Counter & Timer Panel Meters & Controllers Temperature & Humidity Controllers
Timers Ampere Meter & Controller Sensor Controllers / Amplifier
Weekly / Yearly Programmable Timer Volt Meter & Controller Bar Graph Level Controller
Counters Total Hour Meters Solid State Relays ( SSR )
  Total Counter Meter Refrigeration Controllers
  RPM Meters & Controllers Temperature Controllers
  Pulse Meters & Controllers Humidity Controller
    Digital Thermostat
Pressure Swithces Power Supply ( SMPS ) Recorders
Digital Pressure Switches DIN RAIL Mountable Paper & Paperless Recorder
  Panel Mountable Paper Recorder
    Paperless Recorder
Pressure Transmitter Signal Transmitters Temperature Transmitters
Cooling Adopter Fittings Current & Voltage Converter Programming Kit
Flush Diaphragm ( HOF Series ) Signal Splitters Temperature Transmitter Device
High Pressure ( HOD Series ) Power Transducer Humidity Transmitters
Low Pressure ( HOM Series ) Current Transducer Intrinsically Safe Transmitters
Standard Type ( HOT Series ) Volt Transducer  
  Pulse Transducer  
Environmental Testing Thermometers Material And Liquid Testing
Air & Gas analyzer Digital Hygrometer Coating Thickness
Light Meters/Datalogger Digital Thermometers Conductivity meter
UV Meters Temperature & Humidity Datalogger Dissolve Oxygen Meter
Sound Level Meters Thermocouple Hand Held Probe Insulation Testers
Anemometers Infrared Thermometer TDS Meters
EMF field Testers   Wood Moisture Meter
    pH meters
Electricals and Electronics Testing Calibrators
Cable Tracer Clamp-on Meters Loop Calibrators
Earth Resistance Testers Oscillosocpes Multi-Function Calibrator
LCR Meters Oscilloscope Probes  
Voltage Detector Megohm Meter  
Tachometers DC Power Supplies  
Function Generators Multimeters  
LCR Meters/Instruments    
Level Switches Limit Switches Signal Switches
Capacitive Type Large Body Series Emergency Switches
Liquid Level Controller Small Body Series Push Button Switches
Float Swithes   Selector Switches
    Pilot Lamps
Signal Lights
Lamps Lamps with Siren Sirens
Warning Beacon Lights Warning Lights with Sirens Buzzer
Tower Lights Explosion Proof Lights With Siren Electronic Sirens
Strobe Lights    
For Temperature Probes For Testing Instruments For Sensors & Encoders
Thermocouple Connectors Test Leads Encoder Coupling
Thermocouple Cable Calibration Solutions Sensor Connector Cable