Light Curtain

Light Curtain

Light Curtain - A Safety Barrier Between You and Injury

A light curtain also called an "optoelectronic safety device," is a non-contacting safeguard instrument for detecting objects. A safety light curtain is especially used to detect fingers, hands, and bodies to protect people against potential perils caused by machines in hazardous areas.
The consequential task of these devices is to protect people and machines by detecting the movement of an object within a specified protective area through infrared lights.
The device consists of an emitter and a receiver and fills the protected area using infrared beams. As the light beam from the emitter is interrupted by an object, the output switching signal stops the connected machine.
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  • Light Curtain 16 Optical Axes, PNP Open Collector - BWP20-16P

    Light Curtain 16 Optical Axes, PNP Open Collector - BWP20-16P


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