Dubai top selling safety light curtain brands in 2022

Dubai top selling safety light curtain brands in 2022

While the need for automation safety is fixed, there is a time that automation itself has to allow the interruption of relevant safety functions for industrial automated processes. Light curtains are defined as electro-sensitive protection equipment (ESPE) that provide protection for persons operating or working in hazardous areas in the vicinity of moving machinery. 

When one light beam is broken, dangerous movement of the machine is immediately stopped and then the machine shuts down. They enable the protection of personnel and at the same time provide free access to machines. There are leading safety light curtains manufacturers that offer a wide range of light curtain sensors with reliable performance. In the following, we would introduce 3 top manufacturers of light curtains selling their product in Dubai.

Telemecanique light curtain

Telemecanique provides safety light curtains that provide automatic machine shutdown when a restricted area is breached and ensure the safety of an operator by stopping machines when the light beams are interrupted. 

The typical applications of Telemecanique light curtain would include:

  • Robotic systems
  • Mechanical and hydraulic presses
  • assembly and packaging lines
  • Palletizer
  • Welding stations
  • Welding equipment and machine tools
  • Transfer lines
  • Conveyor systems, materials handling
  • Warehousing, stocking

The Telemecanique Light Curtains are available in basic or advanced models both Body and Hand protection models and can be fitted with a range of available options to meet your specific application. 

All models have highly reliable performance and are of excellent quality.

Telemecanique Light Curtains


  • Available in different protective heights
  • Protection for large areas
  • Minimum safe distance
  • Resistance to light disturbance, shock, and vibration
  • Easy and flexible configuration and installation
  • Compliant with safety standards
  • Maximum level of safety

Telemecanique Safety light curtains series as follow:

  • XUSL

Autonics light curtain

Autonics light curtain sensors are designed to provide safety for persons in hazardous or dangerous areas. They have reliable detection by using proven technology from Autonics area sensors and mapping sensors. 

The sensors have reliable and error-free performance even in areas with high and direct ambient lighting and can be used in diverse applications. 

There are Various detection models including finger, hand, hand-body detection, and come in different series with various protection heights and user-friendly functions for use in different environments and applications. 

Applications for Autonics light curtains

  • Transport line
  • press machinery
  • Advantages
  • Long sensing distance
  • Easy detection at side and front
  • High-speed response time
  • Available in different configurations and installation mode function
  • Compliance with international safety standards and regulations
  • Mutual interference prevention function
  • Self-diagnosis functions
  • Various safety-related functions
  • High visibility with the operation display
  • P65 & IP67 protection rating
  • Easy Installation
  • Slim Size and high durability

For further details or for our full products and light curtain series of these brands please do not hesitate to contact us.

Autonics light curtain series:

  • SFL
  • SFLA
  • BW
  • BWP
  • BWC
  • BWPK

Autonics light curtain

Contrinex safety light curtain

Contrinex manufactures innovative, reliable safety light curtains that provide finger, hand, or body protection and access control to reduce workplace accidents. 

Contrinex light curtains can be used where human protection and machine safety are needed and where hazards cannot be eliminated by machine design. 

There are Type 2 or 4 Contrinex light curtains that are compliant with the international standard ISO 13849 in various lengths and series. 

Contrinex safety light curtain

They can be a preferred solution for use in a wide variety of applications that require high protection reliability such as:

  • Industrial press machine
  • Weaving looms
  • Pharmaceutical assembly line
  • Machine tools and robots
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Automated stock management
  • Laser cutting machines
  • Logistics conveyors


  • Short response time
  • Long operating distance up to 50
  • Compliant with industry standards
  • Compact and aluminum housing design
  • Slim, robust
  • Shocks and vibrations resistance
  • IP65 protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Competitive price
  • Easy to use

Contrinex Safety Curtain Series

  • YBES-14 Slim Profile Series, finger protection
  • YBES-30 Slim Profile Series, hand protection
  • YBB-14 Series, finger protection
  • YBB-30 Series, hand protection
  • YCA Series, body protection

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