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Dubai sensor (FSE group) is an authorized distributor for AUTONICS from 1999.

Autonics is a globally trusted provider of industrial automation solutions.

Autonics is a reliable automation partner for industrial sites around the world. Autonics manufactures about 6,000 products, including sensors, control devices, motion devices, and laser marking systems, which are the core of industrial automation. It is a company specializing in industrial automation that produces, sells and provides comprehensive solutions. Currently, 12 local corporations/branches in China, Japan, Vietnam, Turkey, Russia, USA, Brazil, etc.

They are active as a reliable automation partner in industrial sites around the world by promoting Korea's technology.

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Future Sky Equipment LLC is providing a professional services and products to its customers since 1999 as we are the Authorized Distributor of AUTONICS.

Manufacturing Automobile Components

entry/exit of parking towers

Filling, Sealing and Cutting of Chip Bags


Business Introduction

Autonics manufactures and sells automation-related electronic components. Autonics' products include industrial sensors that are applied to detect the presence or absence of objects. They produce and sell about 6,000 types of industrial automation-related electronic components, including control devices, motion devices, laser marking systems, and proximity sensors. Check out here to view all series of Autonics proximity sensor.

Autonics' products include semiconductor industry, automobile industry, packaging industry, rubber/plastic industry, machine tool industry, etc. It is applied to various industrial sites and provides a comprehensive solution, contributing to the improvement of productivity in industrial sites around the world.

Research & Development

Autonics is committed to making the world more convenient and better. They are designing a bigger future by connecting people and technology. Currently, Autonics operates the industry's largest research institute. They invest 20% of their total workforce in R&D and over 10% of their sales in R&D, focusing their efforts on research and development of new products and new technologies.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Autonics' production sector is an advanced production system from manufacturing to shipment. They strive for customer satisfaction. Currently, Autonics is producing high-quality, high-reliability products through its factories in Busan and Yangsan in Korea and Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province, China. Autonics' production plant is a thorough advance, They are realizing high productivity with state-of-the-art equipment and work environment as well as post-quality management systems, and they are fulfilling their role as a base for global standard products.

Sales / Service

Autonics is a systematic To provide the best products in a timely manner through their sales network they are trying. To this end, 62 domestic agencies/distributors, subsidiaries/branches in 12 overseas countries, and more than 100 countries around the world, are conducting solution marketing for customer satisfaction with over 150 agents as their service base. 

Corporate Culture

Autonics moves forward as a healthy company through a people-centered culture of empathy and communication.

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Future Sky Equipment LLC was founded in 1999 in the United Arab Emirates and gradually expanded its activities and services in different fields. Now by 19 years of excellence and active presence in world markets is honored to have 4 active offices in Middle East, Europe with the focus on the main office located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as well as 14 agents around the world as five departments working in the fields of Industrial Automation, commercial, supplement of machinery and Hotels for its customers from 40 countries in the world.

Future Sky Equipment is a supplier of Industrial Automation Equipment in the UAE.

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