Solid State Relay ( SSR )

Solid State Relay ( SSR )

SSR- to switch to high speed

SSR relay is a semiconductor electronic element. "SSR," which stands for "Solid State Relay," actually means a kind of electronic switch and has the same function as electromechanical relays or contactors, except that there is no moving element inside them, and it has a long life. These relays are electronic switch pieces that can control a larger current or voltage with a small signal.

Solid state relays consist of power semiconductor parts such as thyristors, transistors, or triacs to change the current to a hundred amperes. The SSR relay includes a command and power circuit made in two single-phase and three-phase models and has analog and digital types. Solid-state relays have a high switching speed compared to electromechanical relays and have no physical contact for wear.

The SSR relay is a modern example of a contactor used in the industrial automation of plcs, resistive loads, and inductive loads (motors). Zero Crossing Switching, (Instant-ON)Random switching, Peak Switching, and Analog Switching are the types of SSR relays in switching.

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