Power Controller

Power Controller

Power controller - to have a constant temperature

A power controller is a device that works analog and continuously to keep the temperature of the heater constant instead of turning the element off and on. Having a constant temperature in industrial processes is a very important issue, and load control can control the output power of the device with high accuracy by changing the voltage and current of the consumer.

The selection of a specific power controller type depends on the method of control being used. It can also be dependent on system power demands, the degree of temperature control, the heater type, and life requirements. This device has 3 working modes: 1- Phase control 2- Sine cycle control 3- Off and on. 

The advantages of using a power controller in the circuit can be extending the lifespan of the heater, reducing power consumption, turning on and off slowly and continuously (soft start), the ability to limit the power of the heater. 

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  • Single Phase Power Controller with 35 A load current

    Single Phase Power Controller with 35 A load current


        This SPC1-35-Eproduct from the SPC SERIES by Autonics has been proved itself to be a perfect power controller. This product operates on adequate power supply and input methodologies. This product has been envisioned...