LCR Meter

LCR Meter


LCR meter - quickly determine the capacity of the capacitor of electronic elements

The LCR meter device is a tool that can accurately and quickly determine the capacity of the capacitor, resistance, and inductance of the inductor. LCR meter is also referred to as a self-meter (L), capacitor meter (C), and ohmmeter (R). In addition, other measurements of the device include parameters such as Q (power factor), D (dissipation factor), susceptance (imaginary part of admittance), conductance (electrical conductivity), and ESR (real part of impedance).

Due to the wide application of inductors in new electronic circuits and the ever-increasing need to test all types of inductors, the LCR meter has become a popular tool in electronic laboratories. LCR meter devices have two types, analog and digital, in terms of their internal function, and in terms of dimensions, they are two types, manual and desktop.

LCR meters that use the Auto Measurements function can identify the type of the part and measure and display the desired values immediately after connecting the part to the device.


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