DIN Rail Temperature Transmitter

DIN Rail Temperature Transmitter

 Rail mount temperature transmitter – the temperature transmitters mounted on Din rails

Rail mounting is the oldest mounting technique for temperature transmitters.

rail mount temperature transmitter is a loop-powered isolated temperature transmitter mounted on a rail in a control panel. It is almost standardized according to Din (Deutsches Institut fur Normung; the German Institute for Standardization). So, we call the rail mount temperature transmitter a DIN rail or Din rail mount temperature transmitter. 

It draws current from a distant dc power source in proportion to its sensor input. Actual signal transmission takes the form of a change in power supply current.

These transmitters convert a thermocouple or RTD's raw signal into a conditioned 4-20 mA output that may be incorporated into your control system. A core advantage is that this signal can be conveyed over a distance without degradation.

A DIN rail is usually used to mount relays, switches, and transmitters. The rail is a piece of metal bent into a shape. Such a shape allows a device, like a transmitter, to be attached using a spring clip, which slides into the bend in the metal rail and secures itself. The metal rail can then be attached to a panel or a wall, complete with an attached transmitter. Rail mount temperature transmitters are simple toinstall due to the DIN rail configuration. Due to the lengthier cable configuration required for securing the transmitter, they are less accurate than explosion- and weather-proof transmitters.

DIN rail transmitters, also called panel mount transmitters, are inexpensive and capable of working with various sensors. Thus, they appear in a variety of applications. Here are some examples of these applications:

  • Combustion air system
  • Power
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Cement
  • Desulphurization
  • Precipitator
  • De-nitrification
  • Electrostatic

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