Switches and Signals

Switches and Signals

Switch and signal- to control and carry data

One of the most simple circuit components is a switch (key, button). Switches do not need any equations and calculations to work. The particular function of a switch is to change between open and closed states. A switch is a device designed to interrupt the flow of current in a circuit, in other words, it can disconnect and connect an electric circuit.

Every electrical and electronic program uses at least one switch to turn the device on and off. The switches are part of the control system. Switches can be mechanical or electronic. Mechanical switches must be physically activated by being moved, pressed, released, or touched. Electronic switches do not require physical contact to control a circuit. These are activated by semiconductor action.

A signal is an electric current or an electromagnetic field that carries data from one point to another. The signals are either analog or digital. One of the essential differences between analog signals and digital signals is their waveform. The waveform of the analog signal is continuous and sinusoidal and changes with time. But the digital signal has a square and discontinuous waveform, and each point of it shows only one of two numerical values, zero or one, at any moment.

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