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Pilot Lamp 110-220 VAC Rated Voltage, Blue - KGP-NV2A

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500.00 Grams


KG Auto Pilot Lamp Normal N-type out cap form - KGP-NV2A

Normal type Actuator, Plastic guide, Blue


KGP-NV2A from KGAuto is a Pilot Lamp (normal type) plastic guide size Ø22. Operational voltage is 110-220VAC, and the color of the indicator is blue.

As a quick report, this pilot lamp provides:

  • Actuator form: Ø22 (Normal type) Plastic guide
  • 110/220V a.c Voltage
  • Blue color
  • min. 100MΩ Insulating resistance
  • 50mΩ Contact resistance
  • 10~55Hz Vibration Width 3mm
  • 500m/s2 Shock protection
  • Protected structure: IP65


There are limitations in temperature in which KGP-NV2A pilot lamp is used:

  • Ambient temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C
  • Relative humidity: 45 ~ 85%RH


Series Information

KG Series

Pilot lamp

KG Series Main features:

  • Operating and contact part are planned in separation style.
  • Attachment hole sizes: Ø22, Ø25, Ø30. The selection with is various it used.
  • Slim type is being 2.5mm projections from panel; there is no jam from the side.
  • Contact block was planned basic 1a1b.
  • A light source was produced with the LED.
  • SH02210-7003A, 7004A, 7005A.
  • Protected structure: IP65

About KGAuto

KGAuto (Keiji Auto) is a Korean industrial electronic equipment brand. They have been practicing customer satisfaction by manufacturing various control devices required for automation such as control switches, limit switches, hoist switches, wireless switches and indicators. They pride themselves with outstanding quality, reasonable prices, and fast delivery. They hope to always meet the requirements of their clients with creative designs and methods, professional state of the art technology, and independent experience. They are committed to become partners with every industry for their better development and prosperity. Their headquarters is located at 9, Sinheung-ro 420beon-gil, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.


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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

110/220 VAC <8mA.
Insulating resistance:
Min 100MΩ.
Withstand voltage:
2,500 ACV, 50/60Hz 1min.
Contact resistance:
Below 50MΩ.
Vibration protection:
Vibration Width:
Shock protection:
Life time:
Electrical 0.1mil/1800h.
Life time:
Mechanical 0.5mil/1800h.
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