Stepper motor drive

Stepper motor drive

Stepper motor drive- to have the ability to control stepper motors

The stepper motor driver is a circuit that sends the turn-on and turn-off signals to the stepper motor. Drivers generally have the ability to control the output current, control how to move, and output and input terminals to communicate with the stepper motor and controller, as well as the power supply. Most of the drivers have micro-stepping capability, which by adjusting the pulses sent to the stepper motor makes it possible to have a more precise and smoother movement.

The function of the stepper motor driver is to send electric current to the stepper motor in different time phases. These electrical currents are actually commands sent by the controller to the driver. There are 4 different forms of step drive:

  • Wave drive (one phase on)

  • 2-phase drive on

  • Drive 1 and 2 phases on

  • Microstep drive

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