Water Conductivity Meter - COND5022

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300.00 Grams
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EZDO Water Conductivity Meter - COND5022

lightweight design, CE Mark - Accurate and Reliable


The COND5022 from EZDO is a pocket conductivity meter; it is easy to use giving fast, accurate and repeatable measurement of conductivity values.

COND5022 can know the conductivity of water, the unit is μS/cm. Conductivity can be regarded as the sum of dissociable inorganic salts in water, including cautions (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, aluminum, etc.) and anions (SO42-, Cl-, NO3-, CO32-, HCO3-). It is also another indicator of metal salt concentration in water.

COND-5022 has fast response, high accuracy with single-point calibration and water-repellent panel. Simple and lightweight design, pen-type tip is easy to use and carry, special retractable electrode design, the electrode can be extended to 80mm.

EZDO Water Conductivity Meter - COND5022 Features:

  • Value adjustment
  • Electrode protection cover
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Electrode extension: Approx. 8 cm

EZDO Water Conductivity Meter - COND5022 Specification:

  • Measuring Range: 0-1999 μS
  • Resolution: 1
  • Accuracy: ±1 % FS
  • Working Environment: 0~50°C / lower than 90%RH (without dew)
  • Storage Environment: -10~50°C / lower than 80%RH (without dew)
  • Elevation Limitation: Lower than 1,000 meters
  • ATC
  • Power Supply: 9V Battery x 1
  • Dimension: 158 x 40 x 34 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 85 g (Without Battery)
  • Accessory: Standard liquid, 9V battery, Screwdriver, Carrying Case, Operation Manual


Series Information

EZDO 5000 Series

Economical pen type tester

5000 Series Main features

  • Fast response, reliable and accurate measurements
  • Impact resistant ABS case
  • Splash-proof membrane keypad
  • Electrode can be extended up to 80 mm
  • Manual calibration via screw trim pot
  • Pocket clip on the rear of the case

About EZDO

"EZDO" specializes in supplying practical and cost-effective test and measurement instrumentation. Their products are sourced to meet the essential requirements of quality control, health & safety, and educational applications.

Their aim is to enable businesses and organizations to meet the ever-growing requirements and regulations to which they are expected to conform, by supplying a selection of instrumentation and calibration services that are competitively priced, simple to understand, easy to purchase and traceable to UKAS standards.

This company represents 8 5000 series products:

  • PH5011: PH Type
  • PH5011A: PH Type
  • COND5021: ConductivityType
  • COND5022: ConductivityType
  • TDS5031: TDS Type
  • TDS5032: TDS Type
  • ORP5041: ORP Type
  • EC5061: EC Type

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One-Year Warranty
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Additional Information

10 to 9990 µs/cm.
10 µs/cm.
±1% of full scale.
1 x 9V PP3 alkaline battery (ALR-61).
158mm x 40mm x 34mm.
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