TECPEL Thermometers Temperature & Humidity Datalogger TR-32

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150.00 Grams
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
  • TECPEL Thermometers Temperature & Humidity Datalogger TR-32
  • TECPEL Thermometers Temperature & Humidity Datalogger TR-32
  • TECPEL Thermometers Temperature & Humidity Datalogger TR-32



The TR-32(Temperature and Humidity) is a compact data logger with a built-in lithium battery for recording 43,000 values. TR-32 adopts a user-friendly USB interface, easy-to-mount brackets with screws. The OK key can help the user check the Max/Min/Current values and the upper and lower limits. The measuring data can be recorded automatically at adjustable intervals from 2 s up to 24 hours. The saved measurement values can be read out via a USB port and graphically displayed using the equipped software, or exported to other software applications for further analysis.

TR-32 from Tecpel comes with the following features:

  • Large Data Capacity: up to 43,000 Records.
  • Wide Selection of Recording Intervals 2s to 24Hl.
  • Wide Temperature Range: -30 deg C to 85 deg Cl.
  • Simply connect to a PC via supplied USB cable to set up the data logger.
  • The low energy consumption circuit design.
  • Acrylic holder for easy installation on walls.
  • IP Rating: IP67 Waterproof and dustproof to resist moisture, dew-point
    temperature and dust.
  • Dew-point Calculation via Software.

Field Applications:

  • For refrigerator.
  • Cold-chain transportation.
  • Container transportation monitoring applications.
  • Monitoring temperature during food transportation.
  • Performance testing of air conditioning equipment.
  • Recording temperature of instrumentation and machinery.

Brand Information

Tecpel Co.  Ltd. has over 20 years of experience in the Test and Measurement market. They have set up over 50 country distributors worldwide. Some of their products have been branded by famous leaders in the market. About 60% of their customers are repeat customers. Tecpel imports products from Japan and carries out quality checks. Their products are exported to Europe mainly. If customers find a fault with the product, they will replace it with a new product within 2-3 days.


They are regarded as one of the leading Taiwanese manufactures of high quality test and measurements. Their product lines include power supplies, oscilloscopes, electronics & electrical meters, and testers. Tecpel’s quality products have been accepted by some well-known international customers. The confidence they have in their products is reflected in their one-year warranty and by their flat-rate service policy through 3-5 years.

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Warranty Information

One-Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Temperature and humidity.
Temperature Range:
0 to 100 %RH.
Measurement Accuracy:
(Standard Sensor) Average +/-0.5° C(-20 to 80 ° C).
+/- 0.5 °C; +/- 5%RH (At 25 ° C 50%RH).
Measurement Resolution Display:
0.1° C, 1%RH (TR-32).
Thermistor Macromolecular. High sensitivity humidity sensor
General Specifications:
Recording Interval:
2s to 24 hours.
Recording Capacity:
43,000 Readings.
LCD display:
Current Temperature, Recording Condition, Battery Life warning and Unit of Temperature (°F and °C).
Lithium battery (ER3V M) x 1 (Also available with CR2).
Battery Life:
Approximately one year.
Water Resistance Capacity:
H125mm x W28mm x D22mm.
60g (including battery).
Temperature Resistance of Unit:
-30 to 80 ° C.
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