Timer - to switch on time

A timer or time relay is a key set that consists of a series of open and closed contacts. The functioning mechanism of timers is in such a way that by connecting electricity to its power source, it operates based on its setting. After a set time, its internal contacts change status.

Timers are divided into two general categories: Timers or analog time switches and Timers or digital time switches. And each one of these categories is divided into three parts: installation on the rail, socket, and installation on the wall.

Mechanical timers, Motorized or electromechanical timers, Electronic timers, Pneumatic (with air pressure), Non-metal or thermal timers (thermal timers), and Hydraulic timers are types of hardware timers.

Suitable for industrial workshops, greenhouses, shops and supermarkets, chicken farms and cattle farms, and thousands of other places where you need to turn on and off devices such as lamps and lighting equipment, shop signs, showcases, coolers (as a remote control), and thousands of other electrical appliances at desired and specified or unspecified times.

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