How To Set Analog Timers

How To Set Analog Timers

When we talk about timer, it is a specific type of clock which is used for calculating specific time intervals. This article mainly deals upon how to set analog timer and mechanical timer how it works.

The Main Difference Between A Timer And A Stopwatch

Mainly a timer is divided into two main types the first one which is found upwards from zero and the main objective is to measure elapsed time is called a stopwatch while the device which counts down from a given time interval is called a timer.

Example Of A Timer

An hour glass is a common example of this type.

Use Of Timers

Timers have a great use in industry you can just set it and can go trouble free with the help of timers. You can turn your AC on and off without even touching the remote. Timers give you all the convenience and control over your indoor or outdoor equipment’s on a regular basis. The use of timer is really wide, you can use in security for Christmas lightning or commencing up a hot bath.

Types Of Timers

There are basic two types of timers which are called Digital timer or analog timers.

Analog Timers

When we talk about flash compact 24hr analogue timer, they fall in the category of analog timers. Analog timers are also termed as mechanical timers they are usually the spring one very similar to setting up o'clock for setting up our watch timers make use of a spring which is situated behind the dial pad on the dial face to measure and determine of the earth you need within a span of 20 years you can set a mechanical timer to get turn on and get term of many times along with the hour intervals interval.

Blog.1000 bulbs says that,

“Although power outages can require you to reset these timers manually, they are good for the daily on/off functions of indoor or outdoor lighting. More powerful timers, accepting input voltages of 277 Volts or higher, can handle mid-range to heavy equipment like HVAC systems, electric fences, livestock feeders, signage, and conveyers”.

Digital Timers

They have the same working as digital timers except for the fact that they come with more options. With the help of digital timers you can keep a 24 hours schedule having multiple on and SET points along with very short period intervals of even one minute between them. They are also capable of running 7-day schedules. With the help of digital timers you also don’t have to worry about power losses as they come with long time power saving options.

Applications Of The Timer

Timers are widely used and they are designed to fit many needs according to the customers. But you need to be cautious and consider many things before buying a timer. If you have a defined purpose then it will be easy for you to buy a timer. If you are going away for a long time and you want to save on electricity to heat water you can use of the timers that are designed specifically for electric water heaters to maintain the control and other things. There are also timers which have a 24 hour format. Also there are pool and Spa timers which can have the detection for the moisture and they can control the Lightning, aerators, filter pump, hydro chlorination.

Setting Up An Analogue Timer

Here I am going to tell you how to set analog timer switch. You can also find different kinds of timer switch like there is 6 hours one, 12 hours one and 24 hours one which I will be demonstrating today.

  • In a flash compact 24hr analogue timer, with the device you would see the face of the timer, along with an ON-OFF switch which is usually given on the right hand side of the timer.
  • On the face of the timer, there would be a pointer which is used to set the clock.
  • There will be numbers from 1, 2, 3 --- 24 just like there would be on 24 hours clock.
  • The circle present on the clock, is entitled to move clockwise.
  • Now if you want to set you timer at down the peg at 15:00 with the help of a pen or a stick.
  • Now in order to engage the timer, there is a lever given on side of the timer.
  • When the eye like icon will indicate the engagement of timer.
21st Apr 2020 Faiza Syed

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