Digital Timer Power ON Start, Flicker Output - FS4E-1P4

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90.00 Grams


Autonics 8-pin Plug Digital Timer With Thumb wheel Switch - FS4E-1P4

4-digit, 1-stage setting Output, Relay, IP20


The FS4E-1P4 is a digital timer from the Autonics brand. It features a 4-digit 7-segment LED display and can operate in both count up and count down modes. The output operation includes power on delay and flicker, while the time operation is power on start. The timer has an 8-pin plug terminal and is powered by 100-240VAC~ 50/60Hz.

The FS4E-1P4 also has a memory function that retains the last set time even after power is turned off. Overall, this digital timer is an efficient and reliable solution for various industrial applications.

The FS4E-1P4 is replaced for FS4E.

As a quick report, this digital timer provides:

  • 4-digit 7-segment LED Display method
  • Count up, Count down operation
  • POWER ON DELAY, FLICKER Output operation
  • 8-pin plug Terminal
  • 100-240VAC~ 50/60Hz Power supply
  • Control output_Relay: SPDT (1c): 1
  • W 3.8 × H 7.6 mm
  • Relay Control output
  • 10 years Memory retention
  • IP20 (front part, IEC standard) Protection rating

Control output

The FS4E-1P4 features relay control output.


There are limitations in temperature and humidity in which FS4E-1P4 digital timer is used:

  • Storage temperature: -25 … 65°C
  • Storage humidity: 35 to 85%RH
  • Ambient temperature: -10 … 55°C
  • Ambient humidity: 35 to 85%RH

Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation.


Still want to know more? Click here to find out about Autonics Timer working principles.

Series Information

FSE Series

8-Pin Plug Type Digital Timers

The Autonics FSE series digital timers feature a wide time setting range between 0.01 seconds to 9999.9 hours. Simple configuration is possible with the front thumbwheel switches. The 8-pin plug type connection allows easy installation and maintenance. The FSE series timers are available in 4-digit and 5-digit models.

FSE Series Main features

  • Wide time setting range: 0.01s to 9999.9h
  • Switch between voltage input (PNP) and no-voltage input (PNP) using DIP switch
  • Set hr/min/sec display with RESET key
  • 8-pin plug type connection
  • 10 year memory protection (using non-volatile semiconductor)
  • Power supply

                - 100-240VAC 50/60Hz (AC type)

                - 24VAC 50/60Hz, 24-48VDC (AC/DC universal type)

About Autonics Timer

"Autonics" is a leading provider of automation solutions from South Korea. Autonics products are trusted and adopted by engineers in various industrial applications and their technology is widely applied in day-to-day automation devices. This company represents 14 timer series:

  • LE7M-2 Series: Digital Week/Year Timers
  • LE8N Series: Compact 8-Digit LCD Digital Timers (Indicator Only)
  • LE3S Series: Thumbwheel Switch LCD Display Digital Timers
  • LE4S Series: LCD Display Digital Timers
  • FSE Series: 8-Pin Plug Type Digital Timers
  • ATM Series: Miniature Analog Timers
  • ATS Series: Compact Multi-Function Analog Timers
  • ATS8P Series: Compact Power OFF Delay Analog Timers
  • ATS8SD-4 Series: Compact Star-Delta Analog Timers
  • ATE8 Series: Simple Operation Analog Timers
  • AT8PSN/AT8PMN Series: Power OFF Delay Analog Timers
  • AT8SDN Series: Star-Delta Analog Timers
  • ATN Series: Multi-Function Analog Timers
  • ATS8W/ATS11W Series: Compact Analog Twin Timers

Autonics products are mainly used in:

  • Automotive
  • Plastics/Rubber Industry
  • Food/beverage Manufacturing


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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Display method:
4-digit 7-segment LED
Operation method:
Count up, Count down
Output Operation:
Time operation:
8-pin plug
Power supply:
100-240VAC~ 50/60Hz
External Power Supply:
Max. 12VDC ±10% 50mA
Memory Protection:
Approx. 10 years
Setting range:
0.01 sec to 99.99 sec, 0.1 sec to 999.9 sec, 1 sec to 9999 sec, 1 sec to 99 min 59 sec, 0.1 min to 999.9 min, 1 min to 99 hour 59 min, 0.1 hour to 999.9 hour, 1 hour to 9999 hour
Signal Input Method:
Voltage input(PNP), No-voltage input(NPN)
Control output_Type:
1-stage preset
Control output_Relay:
SPDT (1c): 1
Protection structure:
IP20(front panel)
Min. signal Width:
RESET, INHIBIT: approx. 20ms
Environment_Ambient temperature:
-10 to 55℃, storage: -25 to 65℃
Environment_Ambient humidity:
35 to 85% RH
Approx. 130g (approx. 90g)
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