Photo Sensor 100mm Sensing Distance, PNP Open Collector - BRQM100-DDTA-P

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150.00 Grams


Autonics Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensor - BRQM100-DDTA-P

PNP open collector, Cable type connection, Sensitivity adjuster


The Autonics photoelectric sensor BRQM100-DDTA-P is Diffuse reflective sensing type, comes in a cylindrical shape, sensing distance of 100mm, Response time of Max. 1ms and cylindrical installation. The standard cylindrical photo sensor can be used in diverse applications requiring non-contact detection of Opaque , Translucent material.

As a quick report, this photoelectric sensor provides:

  • Diffuse reflective sensing type
  • 100mm sensing distance
  • Opaque, Translucent material sensing target
  • Infrared LED (850nm) Light source
  • 10-30VDC ±10% (ripple P-P: max. 10%) power supply
  • PNP open collector control output
  • Light ON/Dark ON mode selectable by control wire
  • IP67 ingress protection structure according to IEC standards


This Autonics photoelectric sensor's case is made of brass, Ni-plate, its Lens, Lens cover are made of polymethyl methacrylate acrylic.

The BRQM100-DDTA-P features IP67 ingress protection.


The Autonics sensor BRQM100-DDTA-P features standard cable type connection. This cable covers the sensor's 4 wires. It is Ø4mm in diameter and 2 meters in length.

Sensing specifications

The sensing target for this photoelectric sensor is Opaque, Translucent material. The maximum distance that this sensor can detect its standard sensing target is 100mm. This so-called sensing distance differs from one sensing target to another, based on their material.

Control output

The BRQM100-DDTA-P features PNP open collector control output. PNP stands for Positive-Negative-Positive transistors.


There are limitations in temperature and humidity in which BRQM100-DDTA-P photoelectric sensor is used:

  • Storage temperature: -30 … 70°C
  • Storage humidity: 35 to 85%RH
  • Ambient temperature: -25 … 60°C
  • Ambient humidity: 35 to 85%RH

Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation.


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Series Information

BRQ Series

Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors

The Autonics BRQ series Ø18 mm cylindrical photoelectric sensors are available in various sensing sides (front, side), housing material (SUS316L stainless steel, nickel-plated brass metal, plastic), and body sizes (standard, short-body) for flexible application in diverse environments. The sensors feature long detection distance up to 30 m and accurate sensing performance with excellent noise immunity and minimal influence from ambient light. Mutual interference prevention function also allows the sensors to be installed close together. With IP67 protection rating, the sensors offer stable and error-free operation even in wet or dusty environments. The IP67K models are also available for application in high pressure and high temperature water and dust environments.

BRQ Series Main features

[Common Features]
  • Excellent noise immunity and minimal influence from ambient light
  • Power/output reverse polarity protection circuits and output overcurrent (short-circuit) protection circuits
  • Mutual interference prevention function (except through-beam type)
  • Sensitivity adjuster
  • Switch between Light ON and Dark ON modes using control wire
[Front Sensing Type: BRQT, BRQM, BRQP Series]
  • Various housing material: stainless steel (SUS316L), metal (nickel-plated brass), plastic
  • Long sensing distance: 30 m (through-beam type)
  • Various body sizes:
          - BRQT, BRQM: Standard
          - BRQP: Standard, Short body
  • Protection structure:
          - BRQT: IP67 (IEC standard), IP69K (DIN standard)
          - BRQM, BRQP: IP67 (IEC standard)

[Side Sensing Type: BRQPS]

  • Protection structure: IP67 (IEC standard)

About Autonics Photoelectric Sensors

"Autonics" is a leading provider of automation solutions from South Korea. Autonics products are trusted and adopted by engineers in various industrial applications and their technology is widely applied in day-to-day automation devices. This company represents 21 Photoelectric Sensors series:

  • BRQ Series: Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors
  • BJ SeriesCompact High Performance Photoelectric Sensors
  • BJX Series: Compact Long Distance Photoelectric Sensors
  • BR(NARROW BEAM REFLECTIVE) Series: Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors (Narrow Beam Reflective Type)
  • BTF Series: Ultra-Compact, Thin Type Photoelectric Sensors
  • BTS Series: Ultra-Compact, Slim Type Photoelectric Sensors
  • BL Series: Liquid Level Photoelectric Sensors
  • BJR Series: Oil-Resistant/Oil-Proof Photoelectric Sensors
  • BYD Series: Compact Photoelectric Sensors
  • BM Series: Economical General-Purpose Photoelectric Sensors
  • BH Series: Front/Side Mount Photoelectric Sensors
  • BJP Series: Photoelectric Sensors for PCB Detection
  • BUM Series: 4-Channel U-Shaped Photoelectric Sensors
  • BA Series: Diffuse Reflective Photoelectric Sensors with Long Sensing Distance
  • BMS Series: Side Sensing Type Photoelectric Sensors
  • BX Series: Universal AC/DC Photoelectric Sensors (Wire Terminal Type)
  • BUP Series: U-Shaped Photoelectric Sensors
  • BEN Series: Universal AC/DC Photoelectric Sensors
  • BPS Series: Flat Type Photoelectric Sensors
  • BY Series: Compact Photoelectric Sensors with Synchronous Detection
  • BC Series: Color Mark Sensors

Autonics Photoelectric Sensors are mainly used in:

  • Automotive industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Elevator Industry
  • Semiconductor/Display Industry
  • Machine Tools Industry
  • Plastics/Rubber Industry
  • Food/beverage Manufacturing
  • Logistics Industry


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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Sensing type:
Diffuse reflective type
Sensing distance:
Sensing target:
Opaque, Translucent material
Light source:
Infrared LED(850nm)
Response time:
Max. 1ms
Power supply:
10-30VDC ±10% (ripple P-P: max. 10%)
Current consumption:
Max. 30mA
Sensitivity adjustment:
Sensitivity adjuster
Operation mode:
Selectable Light ON or Dark ON by control wire (white)
Control output:
PNP open collector
Connection type:
Ø4mm, 4-wire, 2m (emitter of through-beam type: Ø4mm, 2-wire, 2m)(AWG26, core diameter: 0.52mm, number of cores: 20, insulator out diameter: Ø1mm),Selectable Light ON or Dark ON by control wire (white)
Environment_Ambient illumination:
Sunlight: Max. 11,000lx, Incandescent lamp: Max. 3,000lx (received illumination)
Environment_Ambient temperature:
-25 to 60℃, storage: -30 to 70℃
Protection structure:
IP67(IEC standard)
Max. 20% at rated sensing distance
Case: brass, Ni-plate / Lens, Lens cover: polymethyl methacrylate acrylic
M18 fixing nut: 2, adjustment screwdriver
Approx. 150g(approx. 70g)
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