Guess the Dominating Brand in Middle East for Rotary Encoder

Guess the Dominating Brand in Middle East for Rotary Encoder

The Autonics rotary encoder is a sensor that provides accurate measurement of angle, position, revolution, speed, acceleration, and distance and converts this information about mechanical motion into an electrical signal. Autonics rotary encoders based on the information from the market that our colleagues has provided us and the information from google search engine has a very visible difference in demand in relation to other brands in middle east. 

 Rotary encoders provide high reliability with precise detection and are produced in two main types: 

Absolute rotary encoders that provide position values by scanning the position of the coded element and maintain absolute position in case of sudden power loss, and Incremental rotary encoders that output signal each time the shaft rotates a certain amount, with optical and magnetic sensing technology. 

They are available with various control output options and series that allow more diverse users choice to implement various applications. 

Also, shaft and hollow shaft models are available. The high quality of Autonics rotary encoders permits high interpolation factors for digital speed control and provides absolute position data with high resolution and accuracy.

Autonics is one of the leading companies in the field of producing various types of encoders and its products are among the best-selling rotary encoders on the market. It is expanding its line-up of rotary encoders with the latest technologies and new miniature encoders, in order to offer greater usefulness and convenience to customers and fully satisfy their needs.

Features and advantages:

  • Easy installation 
  • Small moment of inertia 
  • Various output type 
  • Max response frequency 
  • Max allowable resolution 
  • Compact size 
  • Resistant to external impact 
  • Easy rotation with minimal force 
  • Economic and reasonable price 
  • No space limit for installation 
  • Proper measurement of speed and acceleration 
  • Maximizing user's convenience with Iclear, overflow alarm function 
  • Protection structure IP64 
  • Provide latch function 
  • High reliability 
  • Excellent environment tolerance
  • Ambient Temperature from -10 to 70°C


Autonics rotary encoders are widely used in sensing, instrumentation, test, and measurement industries and applications including: 

  • Tooling machine 
  • Packing machines, and general industrial machinery 
  • Fabric machinery 
  • Robot 
  • Parking system 
  • Elevator industries 
  • ATMs 
  • Bill counters 
  • Copy machines and a diverse range of office machines 
  • Machine molding 
  • Textile machinery 
  • Milling machines and NC lathe

Autonics Rotary Encoder Series

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