Autonics Small Rotary Encoder E15S Series

15 mm Incremental Rotary Encoder (Shaft Type)

•   Ultra Lightweight

•   Ultra-Compact Size

•   15mm Diameter

Autonics Small Rotary Encoder E15S Series

The Rotary Encoder for Industrial automation

The Autonics E15S series incremental rotary encoders are ultra-compact in size (Ø15 mm) and ultra-lightweight (14 g). The small size and light weight adds flexibility for application in tight or limited spaces. The low moment of inertia of the shaft minimizes the effect on the rotation of applied equipment. The encoders have a resolution of 36 P/R and maximum allowed revolution of 3000 rpm.

Main Features

  • Ultra-compact (Ø15mm) housing and ultra-lightweight (14g) design
  • Easy installation in tight or limited spaces
  • Low shaft moment of inertia
  • Resolution : 36 pulses per revolution
  • Power supply : 5VDC ±5%

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Ultra-Compact (Ø15mm) and Ultra-Lightweight (14g)

Thesw ultra-compact (Ø15mm), ultra-lightweight (14g) encoders which are manufactured by Autonics company, are ideal for installation in small machinery and compact applications.


Application PTZ cameras requiring precise directional and zoom movement

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