Before we get more into skill sets which are required by the Industrial Engineer and before I answer you that

  1. How many types of jobs can an Industrial Engineer do?
  2. Types of Industrial Engineering jobs

Let me first update you about the education that Industrial Engineers have to get.

Qualification For Industrial Engineers

All the Industrial Engineers need to have a bachelor's degree in the discipline of Industrial Engineering (this is preferable but not mandatory. There is a long list of Industrial Engineers who have done their bachelors in Mechanical Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering or Electrical Engineering or any other kind of Engineering. However if you want to make your career based on Industrial Engineering and if you are currently in a school, you need to indulge yourself in courses which are technical like Mathematics, Physics, Calculus, Trigonometry Algebra, Mechanics, Coding, Computer Sciences, and subjects we as which are similar to it. As an Industrial Engineer, you will have your lectures in the classroom but it would be a necessity to have your practice done in the laboratory as well. As an Industrial Engineer, you will have to read or pass courses like Planning And Manufacturing, System Designing, Process Optimization, Product Analysis, Process Analysis among many of the others.

There are currently many universities and colleges which are offering programs in which a student is allowed to get experience while they have not completed their education get or they allow you to gain external knowledge while completing your degree program. Usually, the degree of Industrial Engineering is earned through a 5 Year program which gives you a bachelor's and master's degree when you complete it. You can also have a degree in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering or of any other general engineering but you can do Masters in Industrial Engineering. However, while you are doing your masters you can also work as a professor in a college or university so you can indulge yourself in R&D programs which refers to Research And Development.

There are many colleges and universities which are offering 6 years program so that you can continue your education while performing the practical work. they allow you to gain experience from external sources so you can get hands-on experience and also fund your education without depending on scholarships and student loans.

Types Of Industrial Engineering Jobs

Industrial Engineering is growing day by day and it has been estimated that,

It is supposed to grow by 10% at the end of 2026 which is even bigger than the rate of growth for most of the economies of the world, which means there are going to be a huge number of openings for the Industrial Engineering Jobs.

There is supposed to be a rapid expansion in this field because new technologies are introduced every upcoming day. With the inclusion of new technology phenomenon like AI or Artificial Intelligence, the use of big data, etc. All these factors are quietly influencing the field of Industrial Engineering and people are getting magnetically attracted to this field. One of the reasons for its insane growth is that this is the field that is offering high salaries talking in terms of US dollar Industrial Engineers are currently making an average of $87000 which is far greater than the average salary of other jobs. Even the technicians associated with the field of Industrial Engineering are earning more. So, without wasting any more time let's dive into

The Types Of Jobs Industrial Engineers Can Do

They are a list of duties which can be done by Industrial Engineers which I will be mentioning Point by point.

They Will Review The Operations And Processes For Purpose Of Optimization

The first one is they will optimize the processes and produce schedules for reviewing, they can review engineering specifications, how the process is supposed to flow and other kinds of relevant information to have an insight about what kind of operations and methodologies are being applied and what kind of operations are being done in the area of manufacturing and services.

They Will Find Out How They Will Deliver Products With Supreme Efficiency

The other job of the Industrial Engineers is to find out how they will deliver products or services in a way that maximum efficiency is achieved. They need to find out ways to develop and manufacture products so that there is a limitation of errors and everything is done with the maximum amount of efficiency.

They Will Design An Administration Control System

The other job Industrial Engineer might do is that he would be responsible for coming up and designing a management control system so that the financial planning could be done more efficiently and there is an accurate and level-headed cost analysis.

They Will Look After The Procedures Associated With The Quality Control

Industrial Engineers are also responsible for designing and looking after the procedures associated with the quality control so that every problem arising is resolved most perfectly and there is a clear reduction in the number of arising problems so that the cost can be minimized and there are fewer errors in the manufacturing operations and processes.

Watching Over Different Kinds Of Activities

Industrial Engineers also have the responsibilities as designers for the control system so they that they can watch over the activities and operations currently running in the production line so that management is ensured that the products are up to mark and doesn't fall below the quality control line.

Coordination With Different Kind Of People

Industrial Engineers also coordinate with clients so they can have a conversation about the specifications for the products. They also encounter with the vendors for making purchases and team up with the persons making up the management team so that they can discuss the capability of the production lines to manufacture products. they also communicate with the staff about how to execute a project in a most optimized way.

Characteristics That Must Be Possessed By A Good Industrial Engineer

There are some characteristics which must be possessed by the Industrial Engineers so that they can have a flourishing carrier and they can earn up to their capability.

Problem Solving Attitude

The first thing that can be included in that, Industrial Engineers must think in a way that it solves problems. They must come up with different kinds of solution which are associated with the inefficiency and inaccuracy so that every work is optimized in a maximum way.

They Must Be Logical

The Industrial Engineers must be logical so that they can solve multi-disciplinary issues and find reasons behind these problems and are also able to analyze the pros and cons of the solutions that are available at the moment and have a look om different kind of solutions and approaches to solve the problem and find out which one is supposed to work out the best.

They Must Be Creative Thinkers

One of the other main important characteristics which must be possessed by the Industrial Engineers is that that they must be creative thinkers they need to encapsulate their creativity so that they can design new systems so that everyday problems can be solved in an optimized manner and also they can process things in a way that the use of resources is minimized, there is also fewer uses of labor and time while accomplishing a particular goal.

Must Be Able To Work Within A-Team

Industrial Engineers must know how to work within teams they need to have a good skill set for listening so that they can analyze the feedback which is coming from the customers, the staff which is working on the project, and the vendors from which we are buying the materials. They need to have a good listening skill set so that they can have full dominance over problems and then figure out how to solve these problems in a more efficient way.

Remaining Positive All The Time

Another characteristic that must be possessed by an Industrial Engineer is that there are so many problems that arise with manufacturing. Sometimes the labor prices are too high sometimes the raw materials are not available. Sometimes our customers’ expectations are reaching the skies. The good industrial engineer must know how to tackle all of these problems and come remain positive all the time and come up with a solution that is both beneficial for the company and the client.

Grasp Over Technical Subjects

Industrial Engineers also must have the grass over technical subjects because there is a lot of usage of the principles of Calculus, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Statistics and another kind of Advanced topics which are used in mathematics so that the processes can be design analyzed and troubleshot in the most efficient manner.

Is Industrial Engineering Worth It?

After reading all of this, one thing must be clear for you in the perspective of is industrial engineering worth it? Yes, it is definitely worth it due to the broadness it is encapsulating.

20th Aug 2020 Sadia Naseer

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