5 Most Wanted Color Sensor Brands in UAE

5 Most Wanted Color Sensor Brands in UAE

In industrial automation and processes, the colors are often used for detecting, sorting, or inspecting different products and parts. Electronic color sensors are used for precise detection of the color of a product, the packaging, labels, or imprints. This article presents the most popular manufacturers and suppliers of sensors and measuring systems for the measurement of colors in the UAE.

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Sick Color Sensor

Sick color sensors are the right choice when precise and reliable detection, checking, and sorting of objects on the basis of their color is required. The sick color sensor is configured by using a static and teach-in method that makes simple programming and the IO-Link function allows for intelligent and rapid recognition, visualization, and fast format changing. 

Sick Color Sensor

Diverse applications of Sick Color Sensor:

  • Controlling the cycle on a packaging machine
  • Food industry
  • Color recognition on sewing thread spindles
  • Sorting tubes for tablets


  • High switching speed
  • Easy setup
  • Fast response time up to 85mm
  • High color resolution
  • Precise light spot
  • Reliable detection is not affected by changing temperature
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Detection of up to four colors

Sick color sensor series

  • CSM
  • CS1
  • CS3
  • CS8

Ifm Color Sensor

detects, verifies, and sorts objects by color in industrial automation processes and applications. Thanks to reliable RGB sensing technology and a high switching frequency of 2,000 Hz, the sensor offers high-resolution detection of color in high-speed applications, and also the sensor can reliably detect even the slightest differences in the color shade by means of five tolerance steps.

 IFM Color Sensor


  • Cap insert verification
  • Color verification
  • Label presence
  • Detection of proper orientation in fast-moving applications


  • Quick set-up
  • High switching frequency
  • High color resolution
  • Easy and simple mounting
  • Easy adaptation in applications
  • Simple, one-step teach-in function

ifm color sensor series

  • O5C
  • O5K
  • OD

Panasonic Color Sensor

Panasonic color sensor provides high precision and reliable detection of any color marking by using RGB reflective light ratio that using this function allows effective detection of films with patterns around the area of the mark.

Panasonic color detection sensors can distinguish even the slightest differences in gloss and color shades. The sensor features automatic optimal LED selection, a built-in amplifier, and IP67 protection. 

PANASONIC Color Sensor

These sensors are a preferred solution for applications including:

  • Detection of labels, seals, printer's marks on packaging machine tapes, boxes, and plating
  • Detection of tapes stuck on copper foils
  • Color matching, or sorting


  • Compact size
  • 4-digit digital display
  • High precision sensing
  • Easy and User-friendly operation
  • 2-level, 1-level teaching, and full auto teaching options
  • External teaching
  • 2 detection modes(color and mark)
  • Teach-in for simple settings
  • High precision color resolution
  • Easy Setup
  • Key lock operation
  • Waterproof
  • Ultra High-Speed response time

Panasonic color sensor series

  • LX-100
  • FZ-10

Autonics Color Sensor

Autonics color sensor offers reliable detection of the color of the target by using RGB light sources. They can be used in wet and dusty environments because of IP67 protection. 

External light interference reduction in  Autonics color sensor decreases errors and allows precise and stable detection.

Autonics Color Sensor


  • Packaging and sticker industries for checking label status and mark color
  • Electronic components and semiconductor industries for checking defective unit and connector color
  • Check the location of package stamping
  • Detection of color errors in packaging boxes
  • Detection of lines on packaging objects for sealing and cutting


  • High color detection accuracy
  • RGB light source with 12-bit resolution
  • 2 detection modes(color and color intensity) with 3-step sensitivity adjustment
  • IP67 rating
  • Compact spot size
  • Detection of tiny objects and color marks

Autonics color sensor series

  • BC series

Sensopart color Sensor

Sensopart color sensor, known for its compactness and excellent color selectivity, provides reliable and precise color, prints, and label detection of objects in industrial production or quality assurance and even in differing shapes with difficult surfaces. The sensor operates based on the RGB model (red, green, blue). A Sensopart color sensor is an ideal option for challenging color detection and sorting applications.

Sensopart color Sensor


  • Detection of color differences in automotive fuses
  • Identification and assignment of bottle tops
  • Detection of color labels or lids in the packaging and beverage industry
  • Detection of printed marks
  • Printing industry
  • Sorting objects based on shape and color
  • Checking cable occupation
  • Detection of shiny blister packs


  • High switching frequency of 10 kHz for rapid processes
  • Simple operation by teach-in mode
  • High color selectivity
  • Long scanning range up to 150mm
  • IO-Link interface for remote monitoring
  • High positioning accuracy, even at high process speeds

Sensopart color sensor series

  • F25, RGB color sensor in a miniature housing
  • F50, White-light color sensor
  • F55, Full-spectrum color sensor in a compact design
  • F 10, Sub-miniature color sensor

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