Two-Arm Latte Art Robot Coffee Barista

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  • Two-Arm Latte Art Robot Coffee Barista
  • Two-Arm Latte Art Robot Coffee Barista


Introducing our state-of-the-art Touchscreen Ordering Onsite system, powered by an advanced two-arm robot for an exceptional coffee latte experience. The collaborative robot arm automates the entire coffee-making process, from precise dispensing to flavor syrup supply, ensuring a flawlessly crafted cup every time.

Our system goes beyond the basics, effortlessly producing ice coffee for a diverse menu. Vision interaction, with illumination and touch screen features, enhances user engagement, while sound interaction adds sensory delight. Real-time monitoring, facilitated by strategically placed cameras, ensures security and efficiency.

Behind the scenes, our Android-based operation management system orchestrates the process. A balanced material status display and timely replenishment reminders guarantee uninterrupted service. Dive into data with consumption data analysis, offering real-time insights and one-click data export.

  • User interactions and orders are streamlined with integrated management systems. Cashless transactions via Nayax elevate the customer experience. Our customizable design, with various colors and styles, adds a touch of uniqueness.
  • Advantages include unparalleled flexibility with our two-arm system, faithfully reproducing barista techniques. Customize latte art patterns and tastes to delight customers. The coffee-making process is intelligently streamlined – users choose images and parameters, leaving the robot to orchestrate a masterpiece.
  • Real-time monitoring is a cornerstone of our design, with internal equipment constantly under surveillance. Error alarms and refill reminders ensure peak efficiency, while background data analysis provides valuable insights.
  • Simplify the ordering process with our easy applet order system, allowing users to place orders online effortlessly. Experience the future of coffee service – where innovation meets customization, and every cup is a masterpiece.
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Additional Information

220V 50Hz
Rated Power:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
1405 x 1405 x 2000mm
Use Environment:
Average Production Time:
150 seconds
Maximum Number of Cups:
100 cups/day
Cup Size:
8 oz
Coffee Machine Brand:
Ordering Method:
WeChat app
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