Robot Barista Coffee Kiosk With Snacks

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Robot Barista Coffee Kiosk With Snacks

The Robot Barista Coffee Kiosk with Snacks MMF011A is designed for indoor applications in settings such as shopping malls, office buildings, airports, transportation hubs, and other places with spacious indoor areas and wide visibility.

The product is an enclosed kiosk with four sets of robot arms working collaboratively to serve consumers with coffee, ice cream, juice, and snacks.

All drink and food-making processes are automated and operated by collaborative robot arms based on orders placed through the onsite touchscreen, with payment systems supporting NFC transactions. The kiosk features four sections, each with a delivery window, facilitating the service of a variety of food and drinks to consumers.

Functions of Robot Barista Coffee Kiosk with Snacks MMF011A:

  • Onsite touch screen ordering
  • Online ordering through IOS and Android apps
  • Automated preparation of coffee, ice cream, juice, and snacks using robot arms, with two different coffee-making processes (semi-coffee machine and coffee drip filter)
  • Coffee art printing
  • UV sterilization for delivery windows
  • Team orders
  • Vision and sound interaction
  • Real-time monitoring of the kiosk surroundings by cameras
  • Real-time monitoring of kiosk inner hardware status with fault alarms
  • Android-based background management system
  • Balanced material real-time display and material supplement reminders
  • Consumption data analysis and export
  • User and ordering management
  • NFC payment

Product Advantages:

  • Unmanned operation
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Technology and fashion
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low operation cost
  • Applicability in multiple scenarios
  • Multiple coffee flavors
  • Multiple coffee-making processes
  • High-end coffee taste
  • Stable coffee quality
  • Multiple ice cream flavors
  • Multiple snack flavors
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Additional Information

220V 1AC 50Hz
Power Installed:
Dimension (WxHxD):
Robotic Arm:
JAKA Zu 3 and JAKA Zu 7
Application Environment:
Average Drink Making Time:
100 seconds
Maximum Cups (One Time Material Feeding):
100 cups
Ordering Method:
Touch screen ordering onsite or app ordering online
Payment Method:
NFC Payment (Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal)
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