Two-Arm Coffee Latte Art Robot Coffee Kiosk

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  • Two-Arm Coffee Latte Art Robot Coffee Kiosk
  • Two-Arm Coffee Latte Art Robot Coffee Kiosk
  • Two-Arm Coffee Latte Art Robot Coffee Kiosk


Experience the future of coffee service with our advanced two-arm robot latte process and programming. Our collaborative robot arm ensures a seamless and automated coffee-making process. The flavor syrup is supplied automatically, and ice coffee is expertly crafted by the robot.

Interact effortlessly with our kiosk through vision, illumination, and touch screen, complemented by a sound interaction feature. Real-time monitoring of the kiosk surroundings is facilitated by cameras, while the inner hardware status is continuously monitored, providing fault alarms as needed.

Our Android-based operation management system offers balanced material status displays, material supplement reminders, and consumption data analysis with export capabilities. Efficient user and ordering management are at your fingertips, complemented by a cashless payment system via Nayax.

Key Features:

  1. Cell Phone Order Taking: Streamline your experience with convenient cell phone ordering.
  2. Collaborative Robot Arm: Achieve fully automatic coffee operation for a consistently perfect brew.
  3. Real-Time Monitoring: Keep track of internal hardware status and receive prompt fault alarms.
  4. Material Status Display: View remaining materials and receive timely replenishment reminders.
  5. Consumption Data Analysis: Gain insights through background data analysis and export functionality.
  6. User Management: Easily manage users and orders with our comprehensive system.
  7. Cashless Payment: Embrace hassle-free transactions through our Nayax-powered cashless payment system.

Unique Design Options:

  • Choose from a range of colors and styles to customize the look of your innovative coffee kiosk.
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Additional Information

220V 50Hz
Rated Power:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
1405 x 1405 x 2000mm
Use Environment:
Average Production Time:
150 seconds
Maximum Number of Cups:
100 cups/day
Cup Size:
8 oz
Coffee Machine Brand:
Ordering Method:
WeChat app
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