Sensor Controller 8 pin Plug, Power Amplifier, NPN / PNP Switching - PA-12

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Autonics 8-Pin Plug Sensor Controller, PA-12

Power amplifier, NPN / PNP switching, Relay SPDT(1c) 1개


An 8-pin plug-type sensor controller/amplifier is the Autonics PA-12. The operational voltage is 110/220VAC with a 50/60Hz frequency, and the input logic is NPN open collector & NPN universal/PNP open collector & PNP universal (set by switch). The control output is a relay SPDT (1c) (set by switch).

As a quick report, this sensor controller provides:

  • NPN open collector & NPN universal/PNP open collector & PNP universal (set by switch)
  • 1 Connected Sensors
  • 110/220 VAC ~ 50/60 Hz (set by switch) power supply
  • Max. 4VA Power consumption
  • Relay SPDT(1c) 1개 control output
  • 12 VDC (approx. 50mA) Power for external sensor
  • Socket plug-in type (8-pin)


There are limitations in temperature and humidity in which PA-12 timer is used:

  • Ambient temperature: -10 … 50°C
  • Ambient humidity: 35 to 85%RH
  • Storage humidity: 35 to 85%RH

Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation.


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Series Information

PA-12 Series

8-Pin Plug Type Sensor Controllers

The Autonics PA-12 series sensor controllers feature 8-pin plugs for simple socket plug-in type connection. The sensor controllers offer dual 110/220 VAC voltage, for application in diverse settings. The series also offers high contact capacity and options for N.O. or N.C. relay outputs. Users can easily switch between NPN and PNP inputs using the attached conversion switch.

PA-12 Series Main features

  • 110/220VAC dual voltage
  • NPN/PNP input switch
  • High contact capacity (250VAC, 3A resistive load)
  • Socket plug-in type (8-pin)
  • N.O. or N.C. relay output available

About Sensor Controllers

"Autonics" is a leading provider of automation solutions from South Korea. Autonics products are trusted and adopted by engineers in various industrial applications and their technology is widely applied in day-to-day automation devices. This company represents 2 sensor controller series:

  • PA10 Series: High Performance Sensor Controllers
  • PA-12 Series: 8-Pin Plug Type Sensor Controllers

Data Sheet

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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Selectable NPN/PNP.
Power supply:
Selectable 110-220VAC (50~60Hz).
Power consumption:
Approx. 4VA.
Power supply for sensor:
12VDC, ±10% 50mA.
Control output:
Relay contact output (contact capacity: 250VAC-3A, 30VDC-3A resistive load, contact arrangement 1a1b). Life expectancy: Mechanical: min 10,000,000 operations. Electrical: min 100,000 operations.
signal NPN Short circuit impedance: max 1kΩ. Residual voltage: 2VDC. Open circuit impedance: min 100kΩ.
PNP High level: 7-12VDC. Low level: 0-5VDC.
Input resistance:
Ambient temp. -10~50◦C.
Ambient humidity 35-85% HR.
Unit weight:
Approx. 269g.
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