Autonics 8-Pin Plug Type Sensor Controller PA-12 Series

8-Pin Plug Type Sensor Controller

  110/220VAC dual voltage

  NPN/PNP input switch

Autonics 8-Pin Plug Type Sensor Controller PA-12 Series

The Sensor Controller for Industrial automation.

The Autonics PA-12 series sensor controllers feature 8-pin plugs for simple socket plug-in type connection. This sensor controller series which is manufactured by Autonics company, offer dual 110/220 VAC voltage, for application in diverse settings. The series also offers high contact capacity and options for N.O. or N.C. relay outputs. Users can easily switch between NPN and PNP inputs using the attached conversion.

Main Features

  • High contact capacity (250VAC, 3A resistive load)
  • Socket plug-in type (8-pin)
  • N.O. or N.C. relay output available

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