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Dubai sensor (FSE group) is an authorized distributor for SENSOPART from 2006.

SENSOPART– Detect the Difference

SensoPart is one of the leading manufacturers of photoelectric sensors and image processing for factory automation. Their aim is to remain one step ahead to be able to offer their customers the most innovative products on the market. In order to maintain their ability to offer the latest technologies, they invest more than usual in research and development and work together with renowned universities and research institutes. Successful products, now considered indispensable for modern factory automation, have been created from the many future oriented ideas of earlier days. But they do not simply rest on their laurels – because they still have many ideas for the future.

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Future Sky Equipment LLC is providing a professional services and products to its customers since 2006 as we are the authorized distributor of SENSOPART.


Milestones of product development

In the more than 25 years of their existence they have made an international name for themselves as an innovative sensor company. For example, they are the technological leader in the market of industrial image processing with their VISOR® series or in many areas of optical sensors. Whether switching sensor or vision sensor - users particularly appreciate the well thought-out, practical functionality of their products as well as their easy setup and operation.

The  Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft honors their research activities with the seal "Innovative through Research". They are delighted about this award!


Milestones in the company’s history

From the Black Forest to the wide world - this is probably the best way to summarize the last decades. Starting from their founding location in Weiden in the Black Forest, they have made an international name for themselves and have consistently expanded their presence. They now have two locations in Germany, several subsidiaries abroad and competent representatives in all other relevant countries of the world. This means that they are always close to their customers and can provide advice and support on site.

1994 Founding of SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH in Wieden, in the Black Forest

1997 Founding of SensoPart UK Ltd

1999 Founding of SensoPart France SARL

2001 Opening of second site in Gottenheim near Freiburg-im-Breisgau

2001 Baden-Württemberg Innovation Prize

2002 Special prize for young companies, awarded by state Baden-Württemberg

2003 2nd place: German Sensor Application Prize

2004 Founding of SensoPart Inc. USA

2004 1st place: German Sensor Application Prize

2005 Extension building in Gottenheim

2006 Baden-Württemberg Innovation Prize

2008 "TOP 100" Innovation Prize

2009 Freiburg Innovation Prize

2012 Founding of SensoPart China

2014 20 years of SensoPart, Automation Award

2016 Ground-breaking ceremony for the new production and logistics building in Gottenheim

2017 Silver-Level Award: Vision Systems Design Innovators Award, Opening the new production and                   logistics building in Gottenheim

2019 25 years of SensoPart

2020 Silver-Level Award: Vision Systems Design Innovators Award

Made in Germany

SensoPart is particularly proud of their famous quality "Made in Germany". 

They place the highest value on the robustness and longevity of their products.

They at SensoPart are particularly proud of the famous quality "Made in Germany". All products are developed and manufactured at their two German sites in Gottenheim near Freiburg im Breisgau and Wieden in the Black Forest and from here they are sent all over the world.



In everything they do, customer satisfaction is their top priority. That is why they place the highest value on the robustness and durability of their products - a quality standard that is also supported and ensured by their quality management according to ISO 9001 : 2015. Their principles of quality policy are:

Customer satisfaction


Innovative capability

Internal cooperation




They also offer their customers a comprehensive service for all aspects of their products, starting with an extensive range of accessories, competent application support and workshops on current topics and applications in factory automation.



⦁  Sustainability

Sustainable corporate development

SensoPart is a German family business, and this also shapes our attitude to work: We value reliability, take responsibility for our actions and value close and trusting relationships, both within the company and with our customers and partners.

Responsible corporate management naturally also includes the sustainable use of natural resources. In accordance with the principle of "Lean Production", all our processes are characterized by maximum efficiency, economical use of energy and materials, and consistent recycling of production waste. Sustainability is also our overriding principle with regard to corporate development: In order to maintain our ability to innovate, we invest more as usual in research and development. In this way, we create the basis for sustainable success - today and in the future.


⦁  Soziales Engagement

As a manufacturer of sensor technology, they are strong worldwide - but firmly anchored in the region. That makes sense to them. As entrepreneurs, they therefore bear responsibility. For their region. For their employees who live and work here.

They have been at home in southern Baden for over 25 years. That's why they want to give something back to the community that made their success possible and have launched the SINNsorik campaign. With this they want to support outstanding social projects in the region in the long term. Projects with SINN because they have a feeling for what really counts.



⦁ Detection & Inspection

Reliable detection in every situation

Is the object present? How is it lying on the belt? Is a detail missing or has it been incorrectly assembled?  These and many other applications can be reliably automated with sensors from SensoPart. 

⦁ Identification

Reliable differentiation and tracking of objects

The continuous tracking of parts and products with the aid of a code is of increasing importance in industrial processes. Parts are generally labeled with one-dimensional barcodes or two-dimensional data matrix codes, which are either printed or applied using dot-peen or laser marking technology (direct marking). Their Visor® Code Readers reliably read all industry standard code types. 


⦁ Measurement

Simple solutions for diverse measuring tasks

Many processes involve the measurement of analog values, such as the distance or thickness of an object.  SensoPart distance sensors using triangulation or time-of-flight technology are ideally suited for such applications. If it is necessary to check specific geometrical characteristics of components, their vision sensors offer simple options for detecting the value in question, and thanks to simple calibration the result can be output in the required metric unit.


⦁ Positioning

Reliable detection in any position

The precise positioning of parts is a key process in industrial production. A targeted robot gripper is always necessary – whether a component has to be picked up, put down or processed. Our vision sensors always have an eye on the exact position, and supply the values in robot coordinates in a few simple steps. When detecting objects on different planes, the vision sensor can be optimally combined with a precise optical switching sensor, if necessary even with distance output.


⦁ Detecting Colors

Reliable detection and differentiation of colors

Differences in color and contrast are important characteristics for the detection and differentiation of objects. Sensors from SensoPart reliably detect colored objects, prints and labels during production processes or quality assurance.  

Their color and contrast sensors are suitable for almost every relevant automation task thanks to precise color evaluation and rapid cycle times. The compact FT 55-CM color sensor is particularly versatile, offering outstanding color detection and sorting even with challenging surfaces. Their portfolio also includes sensors suitable for special tasks, such as the identification of invisible, luminescent color markings. Their vision color sensors from the Visor® Color series fulfill the highest requirements in terms of color detection. They offer very high color selectivity and can also detect active (self-illuminating) colors.  



⦁  Automotive Industry

⦁  Assembly & Handling

⦁  Robotics

⦁  Electronics

⦁  Food & Beverages

⦁  Plastics Technology



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