Light Curtain 16 Optical Axes, PNP Open Collector - BWP20-16P

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620.00 Grams
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1 unit


Autonics light curtain BWP20-16P

Through-beam type, sensing distance: 0.1 to 5m, PNP open collector


The BWP20-16P is a slim plastic single-beam safety light curtain that is used to protect people against potential dangers caused by machines in hazardous areas. This product works based on the through-beam working principle which contains an emitter and a receiver in separate housings. This technology is depending on the infrared LED light source which provides accurate detection.

As a quick report, BWP20-16P from Autonics comes with the following features:

  • Sensing type: Through-beam type (direct beam)
  • Sensing distance: 0.1 to 5m
  • Light source: Infrared LED (850nm modulated)
  • Optical axis pitch: 20mm
  • Number of optical axes: 16
  • Power supply: 12-24VDC ±10% (ripple P-P: max. 10%)
  • Control output: PNP open collector
  • Operation mode: Light ON/Dark ON (set by switch)

Sensing type

This product works based on the through-beam working principle which contains an emitter and a receiver in separate housings. The emitter emits light beams toward the receiver. The device will detect the object when the light beam is interrupted.

Sensing distance

This model is able to detect the objects from 0.1 to 5 meters among the active area.

Optical axis

The number of optical axes which are emitted from the transmitter is 16 axes. The other feature of the optical axis which is called optical axis pitch is equal to 20 mm.

Control output 

The output of the BWP20-16P is PNP open collector.

Operation mode

The operation mode for this model of light curtain is based on Light ON/Dark ON.

Other features

  • The maximum response time for this model is 6 ms.
  • The light source is infrared LED (850 nm modulated).
  • The sensing head is 300 mm and the total length is 350 mm.


  • End-of-line packaging
  • OEM machine builders
  • Automotive, integrators, and powertrain manufacturing
  • Tire manufacturing


Series Information

BWP Series

Slim Plastic Body Light Curtain

The BWP series light curtains feature a flat and compact body size (13 mm) made of high strength PC/ABS (Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic. The sensors use high performance Fresnel lens and have high-speed response time of under 7 ms. Four different configurations are available based on the number of optical axes and detection area size. Light ON and Dark ON operation modes switching is available. The series also features various user-friendly functions including operation test function and mutual interference prevention functions.

ST632 series main features

  • Flat body (13mm) area sensors with Fresnel lens
  • High strength PC/ABS plastic body
  • High-speed response time under 7ms
  • 4 configurations (optical axis: 8 to 20/detection area: 140 to 380mm)
  • Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch
  • Job indicator ON/FLASHING switch
  • Bright LED indicators on emitter and receiver
  • Operation test (emitter stop) function, mutual interference prevention function
  • IP40 protection structure (IEC standard)


About Autonics light curtains

Autonics” is a leading provider of automation solutions from South Korea. Autonics products are trusted and adopted by engineers in various industrial applications and their technology is widely applied in day-to-day automation devices. This company represents 6 light curtains:

  • BWP Series: Slim Plastic Body Area Sensors
  • BWM Series: Mapping Sensors
  • BWML Series: Line Beam Mapping Sensors
  • BWC Series: Cross-Beam Area Sensors
  • BW Series: General Purpose Area Sensors
  • BWPK Series: Slim Body Area Sensors (Picking Sensors)

Autonics main products range:

  • Sensors
  • Controllers
  • Motion Devices
  • Process Automation
  • Terminal Blocks and Cables
  • Control Switches Pilot Lights and Buzzers



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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Sensing type:
Through-beam type
Sensing Distance:
0.1 ~ 5M
Minimum sensing target:
Opaque materials of min. Ø 30mm
Optical axis pitch:
Number of optical axes:
Sensing height/Total length:
Connection type:
Cable type (Ø3.5, 3m)
Power supply:
12-24VDC ± 10% (Ripple P-P: Max 10%)
Control output:
PNP open collector
Operation mode:
Light ON/Dark ON (set by switch)
Short circuit protection:
Response time:
Max. 6ms (frequency B selection is max. 7ms)
Light source:
Infrared LED (850nm modulated)
Interference protection:
Interference protection by master/slave function
Ambient illumination:
Sunlight: Max. 10,000lx (receiver illumination)
Ambient temperature:
-10 to 55 °C
Storage temperature:
-20 to 60 °C
Ambient humidity:
35 to 85% RH
Storage humidity:
35 to 85% RH
Protection structure:
Case: Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, Sensing part: Polymethyl methacrylate
Cable specification:
Ø3.5mm, 4-wire, 3m(emitter: Ø3.5mm, 4-wire, 3m)
Approx. 620g (approx. 360g)
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