Hogller Pressure Transmitter PX1 Series

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PX1 Series
PX1 Series
60.00 Grams
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Hogller PX1 Series: Where Pressure Doesn't Stand a Chance

High Temperature Resistance, 17-4PH Stainless Steel Body, 1% FS Accuracy


Tired of pressure transmitters that buckle under the slightest stress? Introducing the Hogller PX1 Series, where groundbreaking micro-fused technology redefines pressure measurement. We understand your concerns - fluctuating pressures, unexpected surges, and the constant worry of equipment failure. That's why the PX1 Series is engineered with unyielding strength, built to withstand overpressure and burst pressure like no other. Trust the PX1 to deliver precise, reliable measurements even in the most demanding environments. Get ready to breathe easy, knowing your pressure is under control.


Built to endure, the PX1 features a robust body crafted from high-grade 17-4PH stainless steel. This exceptional material delivers unmatched corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, ensuring the transmitter weathers even the harshest environments. At its core lies a precision-machined ss316L diaphragm, chosen for its superior elasticity and pressure tolerance. This combination guarantees unmatched durability and measurement accuracy, year after year.

Pressure Measuring Range

The PX1 Series caters to a wide range of pressure measurement applications with its available pressure ranges of 10, 16, and 25 bar. Whether you're dealing with moderate fluid pressures or require higher-range monitoring, there's a PX1 model to suit your needs. It consistently measures gauge pressure, providing accurate and reliable readings for various pressure monitoring tasks across different industries.

Process Connection

Compatibility is crucial. That's why the PX1 series offers a variety of standard process connections, including G 1/4" A, G 3/8" A, 1/4" NPT, and 1/8" NPT. No matter your setup, there's a PX1 ready to seamlessly integrate. And if you have a unique requirement, don't worry - the PX1 can be customized with other connections to perfectly match your specific application. Experience worry-free installation and enjoy the flexibility to connect with confidence.

Electrical Connection

The PX1 comes equipped with a standard 0.5-meter cable outlet for convenient electrical connection. This versatile option ensures a secure and stable power supply for your readings. Plus, the PX1 boasts an impressive IP65 ingress protection rating, shielding it from dust and water splashes. For even harsher environments, you can opt for an IP68-rated version, providing ultimate protection against water immersion and complete peace of mind.


Seamless integration with your systems: the PX1 speaks your language. Choose from a variety of common output signals, including 4...20mA, 0.5...2.5VDC, 0.5...4.5VDC, and I2C, for effortless integration with existing equipment. Don't see your perfect fit? No problem! The PX1 can be customized with other output signals upon request, ensuring ultimate flexibility and compatibility with your specific needs.


The PX1's secret weapon? Groundbreaking silicon micro-fused technology. This innovative process creates an unbreakable bond between the sensor and diaphragm, resulting in exceptional overpressure resistance - up to 1.5 times the full scale rating. And while the burst pressure reaches a maximum of 100 bar, it can withstand up to 5 times the full scale pressure in most ranges. But the benefits don't stop there. This technology also makes the PX1 resistant to water hammer and cracking, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh environments.

Long Term Stability

Built to last, the PX1 boasts exceptional long-term stability with a drift of less than 0.3%FS/year. This remarkable characteristic ensures consistent and reliable measurements over extended periods, minimizing the need for frequent recalibration and reducing maintenance costs. Whether you're monitoring long-term trends or conducting sensitive experiments, the PX1 Series delivers the confidence and peace of mind you need to know your measurements are accurate and trustworthy, even years down the line.


Precision is paramount, and the PX1 delivers. With an impressive accuracy of ≤±1%FS (Full Scale), you can trust your measurements to be consistently reliable and trustworthy. This exceptional performance is achieved by minimizing non-linearity, pressure hysteresis, and non-repeatability, ensuring minimal deviation from true pressure even in demanding applications. Whether you're monitoring critical processes or conducting sensitive experiments, the PX1 Series provides the confidence and precision you need.

Shock and Vibration

Say goodbye to worries about vibration and shock impacting your readings. The PX1 Series shrugs off even harsh conditions with its impressive resistance. It handles vibrations up to 5g from 10Hz to 500Hz, so busy factory floors or rumbling vehicles won't faze it. And unexpected bumps are no match either, thanks to its ability to withstand shocks up to 10g for 11 ms. This exceptional resilience ensures you get consistently accurate measurements, even when the going gets tough.


Operates reliably across diverse environments: the PX1 Series is built to handle a wide range of temperatures. With a compensated temperature range of 0°C to 70°C, it delivers accurate measurements even in fluctuating conditions. Its working temperature range extends from -10°C to 80°C, making it suitable for various industrial applications. And for storage, it can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 100°C, ensuring its durability even in extreme environments.



Built for diverse demands: the PX1 excels in demanding industries. From the robustness of hydraulic systems to the precision of process control, the PX1 Series shines in various applications. It thrives in chemical and pharmaceutical settings, ensuring process accuracy. Its resilience makes it perfect for food and beverage production, and its wide pressure ranges cater to power generation and water treatment. Even in mobile hydraulics and construction equipment, the PX1 delivers unwavering performance. Wherever pressure measurement is critical, the PX1 Series is a trusted partner for success.


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Here's an overview of our current stock, all featuring gauge pressure measurement:

  • Reference pressure: Vented gauge.
  • Process connection: G 1/4" A for universal compatibility.
  • Electrical connectionCable Outlet

Part Number

Pressure Range

Output Signal

PX1-G-(0 … 10)bar-S11-C01-13-C1-L0-65

0 to 10 bar

4-20 mA

PX1-G-(0 … 16)bar-S11-C01-13-C1-L0-65

0 to 16 bar

4-20 mA

PX1-G-(0 … 25)bar-S11-C01-13-C1-L0-65

0 to 25 bar

4-20 mA


Ready to unlock the full potential of the PX1 Series? Don't just settle for a standard solution. Contact us today for personalized recommendations and explore the possibilities. Together, we'll tailor the perfect pressure measurement solution for your application.

Let's push the boundaries of pressure measurement, together.


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Additional Information

Reference Pressure:
Pressure Ranges:
0 … 10 bar to 0 … 25 bar
Process Connection:
G 1/4“ A, G 3/8“ A, 1/4“ NPT, and 1/8“ NPT
Electrical Connection:
Cable Outlet
Output Signal:
4...20mA, 0.5...2.5VDC, 0.5...4.5VDC, and I2C
Long Term Stability:
< 0.3 %FS/year
Wetted Part Material:
SS 17-4PH
Working Temperature:
-10 … 80℃
Compensation Temperature:
0 … 70℃
Storage Temperature:
-40 … 100℃
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