Decibel Meter 30 to 130 dB DSL-332

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  • Decibel Meter 30 to 130 dB DSL-332
  • Decibel Meter 30 to 130 dB DSL-332


TECPEL Sound Level Meter - DSL-332

Self-Calibration, 4 Digit LCD display, Low Battery Indication


For the quantification of nearly any noise, investigations on noise pollution frequently use the Tecpel DSL-332 sound level meter. For industrial, environmental, and aircraft noise, it is very suitable and accurate. The meter features a max hold function, fast and slow dynamic characteristic models, a level range of 35–130dB, resolution of 0.1dB, accuracy of 1.5dB, A and C frequency weightings, AC/DC signal output, low battery indication, reset function, and self–calibration at 94dB. The meter complies with ANSI S1.4:1983 Type 2 and IEC61672-1:2013 Class 2 standards. It has a frequency range of 31.5Hz to 8KHz and a level range of LO (Low): 35-95dB and HI (High): 65-130dB with a resolution of 0.1dB.
The sound level meter has a dynamic range of 55 dB, frequency weighting of A & C, and an accuracy of +/-1.5 dB (ref 94 dB @ 1KHz). With an electret condenser microphone, it also has slow and fast time weighting, a maximum hold decay of 1dB/3min, and electrical calibration using a 1KHz sine wave at 94dB internal oscillator. The meter features auxiliary outputs for DC conditioned (10mV/dB nominally impedance:100W) and AC conditioned (0.55Vrms equivalent to each range step impedance:600W).

This sound level meter provides:

  • 4 Digit LCD display.
  • Max hold function.
  • Fast & slow dynamic characteristic models.
  • Level Range from 35 ~ 130dB
  • Resolution 0.1dB, Accuracy ±1.5dB.
  • A & C Frequency Weightings.
  • AC/DC Signal output.
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Reset Function.
  • Self-Calibration 94dB
  • One 9V battery Power supply
  • Dimensions: 240 (L) x 68 (W) x 25 (H) mm


Sound Level Meter (How It Works, Classes, Differences And Applications) is the titles of article on the site for those interested in reading more about the sound level meter.

Series Information

Tecpel Co. Ltd. has over 20 years of experience in the Test and Measurement market. They have set up over 50 country distributors worldwide. Their products are exported to Europe mainly. The confidence they have in their products is reflected in their one-year warranty.

Their product lines include power supplies, oscilloscopes, electronics & electrical meters and testers, Thermometer, sound level meters, etc.

About Tecpel Sound Level Meter:

Sound level meter, data logger, digital

Tecpel is regarded as one of the leading Taiwanese manufactures of high quality test and measurements, which provide different types of sound level meter:

  • DSL-1406H, TR-SLT1A4: Sound Level Transmitter with Visual Alarm LED Monitor Display
  • DSL-330A, DSL-1406: Sound Level Meter LED Monitor Display
  • DSL-331: Sound Level meter Data logger USB Recorder
  • DSL-330C: Digital Sound Level Meter
  • DSL-330: Sound Level Meter IEC651 Type 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2
  • DSL-332: Sound Level Meters Resolution 0.1dB, Accuracy ±1.5dB.
  • DSL-336A: Sound Level Calibrator
  • DSL-330A: Sound Level Meter Auto Power Off Disable for continuing dB measurement of environment.
  • DSL-333: Sound Level Meter
  • DSL-335: Sound Level Meter
  • ST-107: Integrating Sound Level Meter


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Warranty Information

One Year Warranty
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Additional Information

Standard Applied:
IEC651 Type 2.
Level range A LO (Low) - Weighting: 35- 90dB. A HI (High) - Weighting: 75-130dB. C LO (Low) - Weighting: 35- 90dB. C HI (High) - Weighting: 75-130dB. Resolution:
Frequency Range:
31.5Hz ~ 8KHz.
+/- 1.5dB (ref 94dB @1KHz).
Dynamic Range:
Frequency Weighting:
A, C.
Time Weighting:
Slow & Fast.
Maximum Hold:
Decay < 1dB/3min.
Electret condenser microphone
Electrical calibration by using the internal oscillator(1KHz sine Wave at 94dB).
Outputs AC conditioned, 0.55Vrms corresponding to each range step, impedance: 600W
DC conditioned:
10mV/dB (nominally).
Operating Condition:
0◦C to 40◦C < 80% R. H.
Storage Condition:
-10oC to 60oC < 70% R.H.
4 digitals.
AC Output:
1V RMS at FS (Full Scale).
Power Supply:
One 9V battery.
240mm (L) x 68mm (W) x 25mm (H).
Instruction Manual, 9V Battery, Carrying Case, Screwdriver, Windscreen.
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