Top 3 Manufacturers of Proximity Sensors in Asia

Top 3 Manufacturers of Proximity Sensors in Asia


Omron company is one of the largest companies in the field of industrial automation. Omron is a leading company in proximity sensors with over 50 years of factory automation experience sensor and this is one of the most widely used Omron products, which is used in almost many industries due to its high quality, very competitive price, and easy use.

In 1960, Omron produced the first solid-state proximity sensor in the world. Since then, Omron has sold more than 200 million proximity sensors. 

These sensors are available in models with high oscillation frequency for the detection of non-ferrous and ferrous metal parts and capacitive models for the detection of non-metallic objects. 

Omron inductive proximity sensors are used for Non-Contact Ferrous metal detection at long sensing distances in standard and special environments. 

With world-leading performance and quality, these sensors are resistant to the toughest environmental conditions. They have a long service life and achieve maximum machine availability even in harsh, chemicals, and humidity environments. They are used in:

  • General-Purpose Sensing
  • Robotics
  • Sensing for Packaging, Chemical Washdown Environments
  • Oil Resistant Sensing
  • Automotive
  • Machine Tool, and Access control
  • Food and Beverage Industry Processing control and Packaging
  • Control positioning of valves
  • Check position feedback in the production process 


  • Widest range of models for any industrial factories and outdoor application
  • Wide temperature range
  • Customization for special needs
  • High water resistance
  • Cable breakage protection
  • High vibration resistance
  • High resistance to electromagnetic noise High mechanical resistance
  • Extended sensing range
  • High-speed response
  • Low current consumption
  • Highest reliability even in harsh environments


E2E: high precision detection with Small diameter

E2A: long sensing range in a cylindrical brass housing

E2B: high reliability in standard industrial conditions

E2EH: Heat and detergent resistance in a cylindrical stainless steel housing

E2FQ: Chemical resistant in cylindrical PTFE housing

E2A-4: Gold-plated contact pins sensor for work at tough vibration conditions

E2Q5:Long distance sensing in a plastic housing

E2E-_-U: Oil resistant in a cylindrical brass housing

E2FM: mechanical damage protection in a cylindrical full metal housing

TL-W: Flat shape in a compact plastic housing

E2F: Watertight and Chemical-Resistant in Plastic housing

E2EQ: Cylindrical and Weld-Spatter Resistant sensor

E2S: Smallest Square Sensor with Built-In Amplifier


This company is one of the largest manufacturers of sensors that cover the most basic parts of automation systems.

Autonic's vast inductive proximity sensors family is growing to include smarter sensors with developed sensing technology that help users throughout the industry and plant for real-time condition monitoring and better predictive maintenance. 

The inductive proximity sensors of this company have long sensing distances and excellent noise resistance.

Available in a diverse range of series and line-ups in terms of size and sensing distance, the high-performance Autonics inductive sensors can be widely used in different applications requiring non-contact detection of metallic objects with a long life cycle and high reliability, and simple operation. 

The inductive sensors of this company are used in different industries such as:

  • Automotive and packaging Industry
  • Elevator
  • Plastic and rubber production industries
  • Semiconductor and display manufacturing industries
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Machine tools, Transportation, and Drug manufacturing industries


  • Long life cycle and high reliability, simple operation and high durability
  • Long sensing distance
  • Noise resistance with specialized IC
  • Short protection circuit
  • Suitable for use in different industrial and commercial applications
  • High-speed response
  • High response Frequency
  • Wide temperature range


PRF: Resistant to impact and wear in a full metal cylindrical housing

PRFA: Spatter resistant in a full metal cylindrical housing

PRFAW: Spatter resistant in a full metal cylindrical housing

PR: Standard inductive proximity sensor. This series has a top product with the code PR08-2DP which is a proximity switch no (Normally Open). Another low cost proximity sensor is the code PRL12-4DP, and a cheap proximity sensor in this series is PRL30-15DP.

PRD: Long sensing distance in a cylindrical housing

PRA: Heat and spatter resistant cylindrical inductive sensor

PS/PSN: Rectangular inductive sensor

PFI: Easy installation with flat type for tight spaces


Riko OPTOELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD is a leading and professional manufacturer of sensors. 

Riko inductive proximity sensors are used to measure and detect the position and presence of metals in close proximity.

These sensors with high sensitivity, fast frequency response, high repeatability, and also ultra-compact body size can be used in any machine. 

The company's product lines in inductive proximity sensors include:

  • Longer-distance part presence
  • Wide variety of part detection options
  • Short circuit protection
  • Extended products service life
  • IP67 protection for the effective waterproof
  • Easy installation and adjustment with an Oval hole

and robustness in the harshest conditions and environment to keep your industry and factory running smoothly and consistently. Riko inductive proximity sensors are designed in tubular and rectangular models.


  • Detection of the position of moving part
  • Metal part detecting


  • JN
  • JND
  • KND
  • PN
  • PND
  • RN
  • SN
  • TSN

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