Everything You Need to Know About Omron Proximity Sensor

Everything You Need to Know About Omron Proximity Sensor

OMRON is a leading Japanese company providing advanced control equipment, instrumentation, and industrial automation headquartered in Kyoto, Japan

It was founded in 1933 and registered in 1948 by Kazuma Tatisi that until 1990 was known as "Omron Tatishi". The company's name is derived from a place in Kyoto, the name of an ancient temple that once stood in Japan called Omuro

Omron's main business is the production and sale of automation equipment, parts, and systems, but the company is generally known for its medical equipment, such as digital thermometers and blood pressure monitors

The company is the developer of the first e-ticket gate in the world, which was named as one of the highlights of 2007 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. 

This company is also one of the first manufacturers of ATMs with magnetic card readers. Omron Oil and Marine Industries supply AC and DC drive as well as special control systems for the related oil and gas industries. 

In 2013, Omron was ranked among the top 100 Thomson Reuters International Creative Companies. With more than 100 factories in five continents and several branches around the world, the company has been able to expand its product range to about 200,000 different products. 

OMRON is currently one of the most famous manufacturers of equipment such as sensors, drives, mechatronic equipment, and equipment in the field of factory automation and is also active in the production of electronic components for various applications such as relays, switches, connectors, and sensors under the name of Omron Electric. 

The company has head offices in Japan (Kyoto), Asia Pacific (Singapore), China (Hong Kong), Europe (Amsterdam), and the US (Chicago). 

Over the years, Omron has been able to open a good place for itself among the world's largest companies by offering first-class products and adding new technologies to its devices. Also, Quality and innovation are always seen in the products of this company. 

OMRON’s reason for being is to create social value through business and continue to contribute to the development of society. That is precisely what the practical application of its corporate philosophy seeks to do. 

The main advantages of Omron products are the long operating life and low breakdown of the company's products and its products are widely used in the world. Every year, Omron spends 7% of its gross revenue on research and development.

Omron products are generally divided into the following categories:

  • Omron Automation Systems
  • Omron propulsion and drive systems
  • Omron Robotic Systems
  • Omron Safety Equipment
  • Omron sensors
  • Omron quality control and inspection equipment
  • Omron switching equipment
  • Omron control equipment
  • And software.

Omron Sensors

Sensors are one of the most important and main components of industrial automation that is widely used in all industrial and non-industrial aspects. Even in factories that do not fully utilize automation systems, at least a few sensors can be found. 

Omron is one of the most important sensor manufacturers in the world, which produces many types of sensors and sells them on a large scale.

Omron sensors can be divided into 6 subsets:

  • Omron color mark
  • Omron encoder
  • Omron Photoelectric
  • Omron proximity sensors
  • Omron optical fiber
  • Omron magnetic sensor 
  • Omron photoelectric sensor

Omron Proximity Sensor

The proximity sensor is one of the most widely used types of sensors that is non-contact. The main function of this sensor is to detect objects without having any contact. 

This sensor can be used in packaging industries, conveyors, printing machines, industrial robots, printing machines, food industries, machine tools, machine building, automobile industries, paper industries, chemical industries, and various other industries. 

As one of the important manufacturers of proximity sensors, Omron produces all types of these sensors, including  cylindrical proximity sensor, rectangular inductive proximity sensor, capacitive sensors, magnetic sensors, and so on.

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Omron Photoelectric Sensor

One of the most important products of Omron is its photoelectric sensor. A photoelectric sensor is a sensor that uses light to detect objects. In this way, it has an emitter that emits light and a receiver that receives it and reads information. 

The Omron photoelectric sensor is produced in a wide variety of models to meet the needs in different conditions. This high-quality sensor is sold annually in large numbers around the world and has become a global standard so anyone who wants to buy a photoelectric sensor must consider it. 

This sensor can be used in various fields such as medical industries, electronics and semiconductor industries, automation industries, food industries, machine tools, and robotics industries, chemical industries, textile production line industries, industrial conveyors, foundry, and carpentry machines, rubber, and plastic industries and….Omron photoelectric sensors are classified into the following general categories based on their characteristics:

  • Diffuse-reflective sensors
  • build-in/separate amplifiers
  • through-beam
  • distance-settable
  • retro-reflective

Features of Omron Photoelectric include high and true sensing distances, supply in single-sided and mirror models, high degree of protection (IP), and presentation in different cubic, micro, and cylindrical shapes. Omron photoelectric sensors are named in different categories, the most important of which are E3Z, E3C, E3T, E3S, E3JK, E3F, EE, E3JM. Omron is one of the companies in the world whose products are known for their longevity due to their high quality. High quality, reasonable price, and availability of accessories are the most important advantages of the Omron photoelectric sensor.

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Automation is advancing in all areas of the industry without any sign of stopping. There are various companies that offer different solutions in the form of various and highly advanced products to global engineers and designers every day for further development in the world. 

Meanwhile, some brands producing industrial automation products have gained a prominent position in the market for buying and selling these products. 

Omron is a large Japanese company that is well known in the field of production and sale of industrial automation equipment around the world. 

By producing products with high standard quality and long operating life, this company has been able to always move forward like other successful Japanese companies. this article introduced this company and gives information about the most important products of this famous company so that people who intend to buy Omron equipment can get acquainted with them a little more and make a better choice.

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