VR-7103 cable 4 - 20 mA

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500.00 Grams
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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Brand Name: T and D
  • Model Number: VR-71
  • Display Type: Digital Only
  • Measuring Range: +/- 15V
  • Accuracy Class: +/- 0.5% +/- 5 dgts ( 10 ~ 30 deg C)
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50 deg C
  • Dimensions: 55 x 88 x 24 mm
  • Small and compact: Prompt delivery 


The VR-71 data logger measures and records voltage signals within a measurement
range of DC(+/-)15V.
It can record common signals, such as 1-5V/4-20mAas well as output signals from a variety of sensors.
The most impressive feature is the software function that allows the create of your own dot matrix patterns for unit display and then change the recorded voltage signal into the desired unit and display accordingly to match your measurings.


*Record Signals of 1-5V / 4-20mA. ( To be used with Optional VR-7103 4~20mA probe)
*Record Output Signals from a Variety of Sensors.
*Pressure, Water Level, pH, Density, Opaqueness, etc...
*Voltage Management of Electrical Circuits.
Measure and Record with 2 Channels
It is possible to measure and record on two channels with 1 unit. These two channels make it possible to obtain reliable readings when measuring two related phenomena.
By pressing the DISPLAY button, you can choose to set the LCD display to show both channels' readings alternatively, show one channel as a fixed display or show neither channel.
Choose the Display Unit
Of course you can display the voltage reading as is, or by using the software to select the desired scale, convert and display the readings in the unit of your choice.

[Scale Conversion]
You can specify to convert the scale by specifying values at 2 voltage points or by using the conversion equation of y=Ax+B.
(y stands for the value after conversion and x is the voltage input directly from the sensor.)
EX: At 2 specified points: convert input voltage of 0v to 100 and input of 5v to 5000.
EX: Using the equation y=Ax+B: y=10x+15.

[Unit Display]
It is possible using the software to create and edit dot matrix patterns to be used in the LCD as the unit of measurement.
Auto-Range Function /±Input
You can manually set the range or can set to have the auto-range function automatically select the best range from the 4 input ranges
±1V, ±2V, ±6V, ±15V.
Note: If the recording interval is 0.5 seconds or less the auto-range function cannot be used.
Select from 20 Recording Intervals
Select from 20 Recording Intervals / Shortest at 0.02 seconds
9 Months of Continuous Use on 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries
Using our specially designed low energy consumption circuit this unit can run on two AAA alkaline batteries for up to nine months of continued use. No need to worry about where you place it as the battery will allow you to measure and record over long periods of time whether the unit is in transit or in a distant place.
Note: Battery life will depend on the recording environment, recording interval, communication frequency, and ambient temperature. The above battery life test was carried out using brand new batteries and in no way do we guarantee a battery's life.
Reliable Backup Function
We have eliminated the worry of losing data due to power loss or the switch being accidentally turned off.

[When Battery Power becomes Low]
When battery power becomes low a battery life warning will appear on the unit's display indicating that the battery should be changed. If within a short time the battery is changed, measurement and recording will not be interrupted and there will be no data loss. If the battery is not changed the unit will automatically go into SLEEP mode whereby measurement and recording will stop but, due to our BACK UP FUNCTION, data will not be lost and will remain saved for up to one year.
[When the Switch is turned OFF]
If while recording, the power switch is accidentally turned OFF, data will not be lost but will be saved for up to one year from the time it was switched OFF.
Note:Even if the unit is in sleep mode it needs battery power. Hence, a total loss of battery power or removal of the battery will result in the loss of data.
Easy to Read Multi-Functional Display
The easy to read LCD displays the current readings, recording status, battery life warning, and unit of measurement.
1:The channel number of the measurement being displayed will appear.
2:The recording status will appear.
  ON:Recording in progress. 
  BLINKING:Waiting for programmed start.
3:After every 2000 readings the scale will be marked from left to right.
4:ONETIME:When the number of recorded readings reaches 8000, "FULL"will appear in the unit's LCD display and recording will automatically stop.
  ENDLESS:When the number of recorded readings reaches 8000, the oldest data reading will be overwritten and recording will continue.
5:When the battery power becomes low, this will appear in the LCD display. If the battery power becomes even lower, "SLP" will appear and normal operations will stop. If the signal appears, please change the battery as soon as possible.
6:The unit of measurement for the display will appear.
7:Current measurements or operational messages such as "FULL" or "SLP" will appear.
Logging Capacity: 8,000 Data Sets
One data set consists of readings for all channels in that type of unit. 
Calculates remaining battery life and displays a battery warning to indicate the need for a battery change.
Note: Battery life will depend on the recording environment, recording interval, communication frequency, and ambient temperature. Removing the batteries will result in a loss of recorded data.
Number of Channels 2 (Common ground)
Measurement Item Voltage
Measurement Range Range:±1,2,6,15V
Auto Range:Fixed Range
Measurement Accuracy +/-0.5% , +/-5 dgt.
Display Resolution Min 1mV
Recording Interval 20 selections : 0.02sec - 60min (Default : 10 sec.)
Logging Capacity 8,000 data sets (*1)
Recording Mode Endless / One-time (Default : One-time)
LCD Display Items Measurement Reading / Recording Status / Time / Memory Capacity
Power Source Battery Life Warning / Unit of Measurement / 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries(LR03)
Battery Life About 5-9 months (*2)
Interface Serial Communication (RS-232C)
Dimentions H55xW88xD24mm
Weight About 93g (including 2 batteries)
Temperature and Humidity Durability of the Unit Temp: 0-50°C
Humidity: 90% RH or less(no condensation)
Waterproof None
Attached Sensor / Cable 2 Input Cables (VR-7101)
Other It is possible to measure electrical current.
  • (*1) One data set consists of reading for all channels in that type of unit.
  • (*2) At recording interval of 1 sec: about 5 months / at recording interval of more than 2 sec: 9 months / at a recording interval of 0.02 sec: about 13 days
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Warranty Information

One-Year Warranty
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