Temperature Transmitter Multiple Input, Current Output - 2000.35.015

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30.00 Grams
  • Temperature Transmitter Multiple Input, Current Output - 2000.35.015
  • Temperature Transmitter Multiple Input, Current Output - 2000.35.015


Pixsys Temperature transmitters programmable by NFC RTD / Thermocouples to 4..20mA - 2000.35.015

Current Output, Highly accurate, Programmable with Cellphones 


The Low-Cost 2000.35.015 is a head mounted temperature transmitter, also called a Hockey puck temperature Transmitter, can receive signals from RTD, Thermocouples, and mV. This product converts the input signal into a 4-20 mA output signal. The product assures high accuracy and stability. The 2000.35.015 is smart phone programmable. You can simply download the official version of the programming app from Google PlayStore just by searching its name: MyPixsys. Keep in mind that in order to use this application, an NFC-enabled smartphone, running android 4.2 or higher is required. Here is a video on how to program your head mount temperature transmitter using MyPixsys:

It’s also important to know that this signal converter is provided with a data-logging function for the input signal. Through the RF Programmer it is possible to download, display, and print all data.

This head mounted temperature transmitter provides:

  • Configurable input for RTD, TC, and mV
  • 4 - 20 mA configurable output on current loop
  • Configurable by NFC enabled smart phone
  • Input signal data logging
  • High accuracy
  • On-field reconfigurable
  • Suitable for DIN B in-head mounting

Input type

This product can receive different temperature data from several input types:

  • Thermocouple
  1. J type: -200 … +1200°C
  2. K type: -260 … +1360°C
  3. S type: -40 … +1760°C
  4. R type: -40 … +1760°C
  5. B type: +40 … +1820°C
  6. E type: -260 … +940°C
  7. T type: -260 … +400°C
  8. N type: -260 … +1280°C
  • RTD (2,3,4 wire)
  1. PT100: -200 … +600°C
  2. Ni100: -60 … +180°C
  • Voltage
  1. mV: -10 … 70 mV

Output type

The 2000.35.015 from Pixsys has one single output type:

  • Direct current: 4 … 20 mA (2 wire)

Response time

The time it takes for this transmitter to reach from 10% to 90% of response is about 600 ms. On the other hand, sampling time of the Pixsys temperature transmitter is 300 ms.


Accuracy of the 2000.35.015 from Pixsys is the greater between 0.1%FS and ±0.2°C.

Temperature & humidity

This temperature transmitter has limitations in operation and storage temperature, and also in environment humidity:

  • Operation temperature: -40...+85°C
  • Storage temperature: -40...+105°C
  • Humidity (not condensed): 30…90 %RH @ 40°C


  • Furnace
  • Oil and gas
  • Brick manufacturing
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Industrial Processes
  • Heating/cooling systems

Series Information

Pixsys manufactures a large range of process control products. A part of them is head mount temperature transmitter. The transmitters for DIN/B head convert a signal acquired by temperature probes PT100, PT1000 or Ni100 or Thermocouples into a 4...20 mA signal. These converters ensure high accuracy on the reading scale with 16-bit conversion and possibility to rescale the output 4...20mA basing on input range.

Head mounted transmitters main features

  • Low cost
  • Fully isolated
  • NFC enabled smart phone programmable
  • Direct current output
  • Data logger of the input signal 

About Pixsys temperature transmitters

Pixsys is an Italian automation company. This company is a manufacturer of electronic equipment for industrial automation and control processes, which provides 4 head mounted temperature transmitters:

  • 2000.35.010: with RTD (PT100/NI100/PT1000) input and 4...20mA output
  • 2000.35.015: with RTD (PT100/NI100) + TC (K-S-R-J-T-N-B-E) input and 4...20mA output
  • 2000.35.030: ATEX temperature transmitter with RTD (PT100/NI100/PT1000) input and 4...20mA output
  • 2000.35.035: ATEX temperature transmitter with RTD (PT100/NI100) + TC (K-S-R-J-T-N-B-E) input and 4...20mA output


In order to download 2000.35.015 head mount temperature transmitter from Pixsys, Please click here.

Also, click on the following link to download 2000.35.015 manual.

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Warranty Information

One year warranty
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Additional Information

Input signal type:
RTD (PT100/NI100), TC (K-S-R-J-T-N-B-E), mV
Output signal:
4...20mA Loop Powered
Power supply:
6-32 VDC
Screw pins
On DIN/B head
Max. transmission error:
Greater between 0,1% f.s. and 0,2°C
Sampling/response time:
300ms / 600 ms
Operating temperature:
-40..+85 °C
Storage temperature:
30-90% @ 40°C (non condensing)
Current output protection:
Approx. 30 mA
Wireless with RFid technology (NFC)
Nylon (PA66)
Ingress protection:
IP 20
According to:
CE, EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-2, UL 61010-1
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